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"Police" Pak for GTA San Andreas

11 May 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 "Полицейский" пак for GTA San Andreas
This Pack supersedes everything associated with the police and FBI. He replaces skins, cars, boat, helicopter and Hydra
Pack include 26 modifications:
  1. FBI Hummer H2 replace FBI Rancher
  2. Shelby GT500KR Edition POLICE replace Police LS
  3. APCS of S. T. A. L. k. e. R replace SWAT
  4. Lamborghini Reventon The Speed Enforcer replace Police LV
  5. Ford Crown Victoria SFPD 1992 replace Police SF
  6. Range Rover Supercharged 2008 Police DEPARTMENT replace Police Ranger
  7. BMW R1150RT Cop copbike replace Police Bike
  8. NFS Carbon and NFS MW copheli replace Police Maverick
  9. Y-f22 Lightning replace Hydra
  10. Swat from Point Blank replace swat (id285)
  11. New signs replace army (id287)
  12. HQ skin FBI replace fbi (id286)
  13. HQ skin lapdm1 replace lapdm1 (id284)
  14. HQ skin lapd1 replace lapd1 (id280)
  15. New skin of the police replace lvpd1 (id282)
  16. LSPD Skin replace dsher (id288)
  17. LSPD Skin replace pulaski (id266)
  18. LSPD Skin replace wmomib (id165)
  19. New police to replace the old csher replace csher (id283)
  20. NEW Predator replace Predator
  21. New police replace tenpen (id265)
  22. BMYMIB HD replace bmymib (id166)
  23. BMYBOUN HD replace bmyboun (id163)
  24. New police v. 2 replace sfpd1 (id281)
  25. HERN HD replace hern (id267)
  26. The guard of GTA V v2 replace wmyboun (id164)
Pack author: Gromoboy34 Downloads: 4609 Comments: 0
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