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San Andreas Remastered for GTA San Andreas

21 May 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 San Andreas Remastered for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: Danis555, Rayan
If you are a lover of the original GTA San Andreas and want to add to the game something new while retaining everything that gave us developers, then this collection is for you!
-Added gta_sa.exe 1.0 us, CLEO 4.3.21 and Memory2048 modifications to work correctly
-Fixed all the bugs or problems in the game caused by the crooked port on PC thanks to the plugin the Silent Patch
Graphics became more pleasant to the eye, as well as more similar to the PS3 graphics and mobile versions
-Added new, more qualitative and realistic effects on replacement of old
-Added the HUD from the mobile version of the game, as well as the HD map and icons
-Added a new Timecyc from the mobile version, which fixes bugs with the lighting and the colors of the sky more realistic
-Added plugin Project 2DFX that adds the lights of the night city
-Added HD discs, as well as completely new textures of dirt, headlights, damage numbers from cars and motorbikes
-Added new Sun and shade, similar to those that were in the PS2 version
-Added CJ himself with higher quality textures and normal fingers from the mobile version, and all his clothes
-Changed the fights, as well as added a sight as in GTA 4
-Added grass from the PS2, as well as new graffiti in HQ quality
-Added HQ icons weapons quality fences, fire hydrants, sacks with garbage, loading screens and menus
-Replaced by CJ House added new magazines and its interior, as well as several buildings and all the interiors in homes that CJ can purchase
-When you exit the auto cars wheels are turning, and trucks and trailers will be 2 rear wheels
-Fixed bugs related to gaming card, added a greater number of vegetation
-Some characters were added from the mobile version of the game added new icons in casinos and driving schools, and those "arrows" in the mission, where CJ meets with Caesar
-Added new vegetation in HQ quality
Now drivers are adequate, and will not be you RAM, if you attach it to auto
-Added HD loading screens and menus
-Added new fishes, road signs, slot machines, debris in the water, phone, broken cars, soda vending machines, the game on the console in the House CJ, new tv, STB and much more!
ATTENTION! Pak is extensive, so we recommend that you place it on a clean game!
Pack include 65 modifications:
  1. New textures for casino Visage
  2. New textures for casino Pirates in Men's Pants '
  3. New textures for V-Rock Hotel
  4. Machines from GTA 4
  5. Broken cars on Grove Street
  6. HD textures of the seabed
  7. New House with CJ (New Cj house GLC prod v1.1)
  8. Angry Birds Space v1.0
  9. New fish
  10. New interior Marco's Bistro
  11. Graffiti
  12. SA HQ Wheels
  14. Automobile Traffic Fix v 0.1
  15. The wheel turned when exiting the car
  16. Glazovskaâ texture of the box
  17. Old, rusty GAS 53
  18. New textures for a garage in San Fierro
  19. Retekstur at Jefferson
  20. Android icon pack
  21. Project 2dfx v1.5
  22. New house Cj
  23. Overdose Effects v1.5
  24. Memory2048
  25. gta_sa.exe 1.0 us
  26. CJ's New Brick House
  27. Country house interior
  28. New vehicle.txd
  29. New realistic interior for house in Las Venturas
  30. New realistic interior
  31. Geart Grass Mod
  32. Viewfinder camera of Mobile version
  33. Whiz Phone
  34. Colormod by ardager02 v. 1
  35. Quality glare from the Sun
  36. The texture of the fences of GTA SA Mobile
  37. Textures of mini-games and icons radio from GTA SA Mobile
  38. The texture of the screen all schools and their icons from GTA SA Mobile
  39. GTA SA Mobile HUD v 1.0
  40. Skin Jeffrey from GTA SA Mobile replace ogloc (id293)
  41. Skin Kendle from GTA SA Mobile replace kendl (id65)
  42. Mobile Timecycle v 2.0
  43. Many textures from GTA SA Mobile
  44. HD icons weapons from GTA SA Mobile
  45. New machines and dumbbells from GTA SA Mobile
  46. No Shadows
  47. DLC: HD Arta + menu v 1.2 beta
  48. Remaster Map v3.3
  49. Garbage in sea
  50. Fire Hydrant
  51. Boxing punching bag
  52. Books and magazines in the House CJ
  53. The outdoor cafe
  54. Packages with junk
  55. Sprunk Soda vending machine with drinks from GTA 4
  56. All CJ Mobile Skin in HQ
  57. Wooden fences v1.2 HQ
  58. Disabling effects of heat
  59. Retekstur square near the City Hall
  60. New Skate Park
  61. SilentPatchSA 1.1 Build 25
  62. CLEO 4.3.21
  63. Remastered Vanilla Graffiti HQ
  64. HD road signs
Pack author: Makar_SmW86 Downloads: 17667 Comments: 0
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