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Remastered 2.0 Fix Bugs for GTA San Andreas

26 May 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Remastered 2.0 Fix Bugs for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: Vovan244, Danis555
I think no one would argue that the PC version of San Andreas turned raw. Of course, because due to the curve of the port appeared problems, lost all the achievements of the PS2 version. This pack contains modifications that will fix bugs PC, checked all the "buns" from the PS2, as well as add new from the mobile version of the game. If you're a fan of classic SA, then this Pack for you!
Well, let's turn to the changes:
-Added plugin Patch that fixes bugs or problems in the Silent game
-Added ability to cut at the design stage to capture areas of such gangs as Rifa, Aztecas and Triads
-Added a shadow from the PS2, which increase the FPS
-Added new textures, fences
-Added HD map
-Added HD menus and loading screens
-Added a huge Sun of PS2
-Changed lighting game and also added the sky from Mobile version
-Parked on the map more transport
-Added the position of the camera in the car as a Remastered version
Drivers now are adequate, the number of cars and pedestrians was increased several times, and all trucks and trailers on the 2 rear wheels
-Changed texture of some interiors at HD equivalent because the original were just horrible
-Changed textures of some buildings at HD equivalent
-Added CJ from the Remastered version in higher quality
-Treason fire hydrants, money, Ka-map icons damaged cars, machines, fences, textures, driving schools, casinos, dumbbells, video-camera Finder added HD graffiti
-Ammu-Nation were added to 3D models weapons
-Added HD icons weapons
-Added OG Loc and Kendl of Remastered version
-Added fix mouse
-Heat effects are disabled
-Removed black stripes with roads on low graphics settings
-Added file Object.dat that allows you to break certain objects
-Added new behavior of enemy gangs, now if you stay close to the parties of the enemy gang, then they start kicking your car
-Added the lights of the night city
-Added plugins gta_sa.exe 1.0 us, memory2048 and CLEO 4.3.21 modifications to work correctly.
Pack include 70 modifications:
  1. New textures for casino Pirates in Men's Pants '
  2. New textures for V-Rock Hotel
  3. Machines from GTA 4
  4. City Hall Los Angeles
  5. HD textures of the seabed
  6. Textures of Orient Beach
  7. San Fierro Police Station 1.0
  8. HD money
  9. New fish
  10. Mouse Fix
  11. New interior Marco's Bistro
  12. Graffiti
  13. Increased drawing machines and pedov
  14. Automobile Traffic Fix v 0.1
  15. Extreme Traffic v. 2
  16. New cigarette packs
  17. New textures for a garage in San Fierro
  18. More Hostile Gangs
  19. Retekstur at Jefferson
  20. Bait shop update
  21. Android icon pack
  22. Project 2dfx v1.5
  23. Memory2048
  24. gta_sa.exe 1.0 us
  25. SF Cranberry Station
  26. CJ's New Brick House
  27. Country house interior
  28. 3D models of weapons in the ammu-nation
  29. Viewfinder camera of Mobile version
  30. Welcome Back Graffiti
  31. The texture of the fences of GTA SA Mobile
  32. Damaged cars from GTA SA Mobile
  33. Textures of mini-games and icons radio from GTA SA Mobile
  34. The texture of the screen all schools and their icons from GTA SA Mobile
  35. Skin Jeffrey from GTA SA Mobile replace ogloc (id293)
  36. Skin Kendle from GTA SA Mobile replace kendl (id65)
  37. Mobile Timecycle v 2.0
  38. HD icons weapons from GTA SA Mobile
  39. New machines and dumbbells from GTA SA Mobile
  40. No Shadows
  41. "Shady Industries" from the PS2 version
  42. DLC: HD Arta + menu v 1.2 beta
  43. Remaster Map v3.3
  44. Garbage in sea
  45. Fire Hydrant
  46. Boxing punching bag
  47. Books and magazines in the House CJ
  48. The outdoor cafe
  49. PS2 object.dat for PC
  50. Sprunk Soda vending machine with drinks from GTA 4
  51. Black Road Fix ASI
  52. All CJ Mobile Skin in HQ
  53. Wooden fences v1.2 HQ
  54. Water Quadrant Fix
  55. Parashute in all airports
  56. Disabling effects of heat
  57. Extended Gang Wars
  58. New Skate Park
  59. SilentPatchSA 1.1 Build 25
  60. FPSUnlock
  61. CLEO 4.3.21
  62. New lifeguard
  63. Cars in all state v. 1 by Vexillum
  64. Remastered Vanilla Graffiti HQ
  65. Mobile Camera
  66. Sun from PS2
  67. New textures clubs
  68. New textures of the Interior of the mansion MADD Dogg
  69. HD Prop Model
  70. Illumination around the parachute by Vexillum
Pack author: Makar_SmW86 Downloads: 10922 Comments: 0
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