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Pak standard HD machine for GTA San Andreas

5 June 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак стандартных HD машин for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: crow, Vovan244
Tried to replace all models of cars, some of them are adapted for AMS and IVP.
This pack will appeal to lovers of standard cars.
Some models were taken from GTA 5, but they did not spoil the overall atmosphere.
Compatible with SAMP.
P.s. First Pak, do not judge strictly.
Pack include 36 modifications:
  1. Forklift GTAIV replace Forklift
  2. HD Cheetah replace Cheetah
  3. Savanna HD replace Savanna
  4. Hotring Racer Tuned replace Hotring Racer A
  5. New Majestic replace Majestic
  6. Updated SFPD replace Police SF
  7. Phoenix HD replace Phoenix
  8. HD Hunter replace Hunter
  9. New Caddy replace Caddy
  10. JoBuilt Hauler Fixet of GTA 5 replace Roadtrain
  11. BMX IN HD replace BMX
  12. The Ravaged Buggy replace Bandito
  13. Buick Regal "Hotring" 1983 replace Hotring Racer
  14. HD Coach replace Coach
  15. Enforcer in HD quality replace Enforcer
  16. HD Dodo replace Dodo
  17. Hd Super GT replace Super GT
  18. Bullet PFR v1.1 replace Bullet
  19. LineRunner PFR v 1.0 HD replace Linerunner
  20. Infernus PFR v 1.0 final replace Infernus
  21. HD Oceanic replace Oceanic
  22. HD Bloodring Banger replace Bloodring
  23. Hustler PFR v. 0.1 Beta replace Hustler
  24. Sentinel PFR HD v1.0 replace Sentinel
  25. Mtbike HD replace Mountain Bike
  26. Vapid Speedo Newsvan replace News Van
  27. GTA V Brute Pony replace Pony
  28. HD Moonbeam replace Moonbeam
  29. New Blista Compact replace Blista Compact
  30. Premier Declasse LSPD replace Police LS
  31. Ambulance GTA 3 replace Ambulance
  32. Barracks GTA 3 replace Barracks
  33. BF Injection GTA 3 replace BF Injection
  34. Banshee GTA 3 replace Banshee
  35. Cabbie GTA 3 replace Cabbie
  36. Elegy PFR v1.0 replace Elegy
Pack author: Egor418 Downloads: 23363 Comments: 0
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