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A collection of the best textures in HD Low PC for GTA San Andreas

6 June 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Сборник лучших текстур в HD Low PC for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: Vovan244, lk_1997_kl
If you have a weak PC, but you are fed up with the original texture, this Pack will be useful. It contains a lot of quality textures for the replacement of the original, which consistently work on weak PC and SA-MP. Pak also includes CLEO scripts, fixing bugs of the game.
-Added qualitative structure of roads all over the map, ideal for players SA-MP
-Added the original vegetation, but in higher quality
-Replaced with Rails for better
-Changed posts on HD analogues
-Added beautiful Sun
-Added a new texture home CJ, as well as new textures interiors in homes that CJ can purchase
-Added quality map and icons of GTA 5
-Added new fish and seabed effects, textures, graffiti, video-camera Finder, money, fire hydrants, automatic devices, tokens, as well as new heaven!
Pack include 58 modifications:
  1. Las Vegas In GTA San Andreas
  2. New textures for casino Visage
  3. New textures for casino Pirates in Men's Pants '
  4. New textures for V-Rock Hotel
  5. New graffiti on the walls
  6. New texture preservation
  7. Machines from GTA 4
  8. City Hall Los Angeles
  9. HD textures of the seabed
  11. Gen Doors
  12. Bullets from GTA 4
  13. New money
  14. Russian Rails
  15. New House with CJ (New Cj house GLC prod v1.1)
  16. San Fierro Police Station 1.0
  17. New fish
  18. HD Road v 2.0 Final
  19. Graffiti
  20. RADIO HUD IV 3.0
  21. Increased drawing machines and pedov
  22. Automobile Traffic Fix v 0.1
  23. The wheel turned when exiting the car
  24. 2-storey house (residence hall)
  25. FPS Limiter, De-CLEO
  26. New textures for a garage in San Fierro
  27. GTA V Radar Icons
  28. Overdose Effects v1.5
  29. Memory2048
  30. gta_sa.exe 1.0 us
  31. SF Cranberry Station
  32. New 4 dragon casino in LV
  33. Country house interior
  34. GTA V Styled Radar V2
  35. Steady turn wheels
  36. Viewfinder camera of Mobile version
  37. Whiz Phone
  38. The texture of the fences of GTA SA Mobile
  39. Textures of mini-games and icons radio from GTA SA Mobile
  40. The texture of the screen all schools and their icons from GTA SA Mobile
  41. Mobile Timecycle v 2.0
  42. Many textures from GTA SA Mobile
  43. New machines and dumbbells from GTA SA Mobile
  44. Sun GTA V Final version
  45. No Shadows
  46. DLC: new HD map + title v 2.2
  47. Fire Hydrant
  48. New HD Electric Fence Textures (ID 987)
  49. Wooden fences v1.2 HQ
  50. CLEO 4.3.21
  51. New textures clubs
  52. HD Prop Model
  53. Colour tv-Alpha 51TC
  54. Tv-5141D 37TC Berezka
  55. Electrica HD
  56. New interior in the House CJ
  57. Textures House of GTA 4 v2
  58. Graffiti Art "GTA 5 Franklin, Michael, and Trevor"
Pack author: Makar_SmW86 Downloads: 20364 Comments: 3
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  • noppadol196
    noppadol196 Offline
     Member 4
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    I can't see any sparks effect and fire when the car is broke. any fixes ?
    1 November 2017 20:12
  • noppadol196
    noppadol196 Offline
     Member 4
    - 0 +
    No fire effects on SAMP. Any fixes ?
    1 November 2017 20:33
  • Ljseegar
    Ljseegar Offline
     Member 6
    - 0 +
    I'm having the same exact prob I die because I can't even tell my cars on fire
    24 December 2017 13:45

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