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Pak changed standard transport for GTA San Andreas

28 July 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак изменённого стандартного транспорта for GTA San Andreas
This pack required: HQLM 2.2 для GTA San Andreas
This pack will appeal to fans of the original style of the game.
In Paquet replaced most of the transport, it does not greatly alter the atmosphere of the game.
All transportation works properly in multiplayer.
Pack include 102 modifications:
  1. Sweeper Pizza Boy replace Sweeper
  2. New Phoenix replace Phoenix
  3. OceanicShit replace Glenshit
  4. Elegy Cabrio Edition replace Elegy
  5. Picador replace Picador
  6. Huntley 1987 San Andreas Stories replace Huntley
  7. Willard Drift Style replace Willard
  8. Mesa From The Beta Version replace Mesa
  9. Curve replace Flash
  10. BF 980 replace BF-400
  11. McDonalds Pizzaboy replace Pizzaboy
  12. Hardy 3 Dirt Bike replace Mountain Bike
  13. New Textures For The Hunter replace Hunter
  14. F-22 Raptor Graffity Skin replace Hydra
  15. New tram mod replace Tram
  16. Stretch Sabrio replace Stretch
  17. Slamvan tuned replace Slamvan
  18. Comet RS replace Comet
  19. Hermes Drag Racer replace Hermes
  20. Monster Slamvan replace Monster A
  21. New Combine replace Combine Harvester
  22. Beagle fix replace Beagle
  23. Hot-dog van replace HotDog Van
  24. Yosemite Custom replace Yosemite
  25. Elegance Of The Admiral replace Admiral
  26. New Sentinel replace Sentinel
  27. Eon Tahoma replace Tahoma
  28. Stafford Police SF replace Police SF
  29. NEW Predator replace Predator
  30. New Caddy replace Caddy
  31. Clean Sandking replace Sandking
  32. Vincent Deluxe replace Vincent
  33. Forklift replace Forklift
  34. 2F2F Eclipse Spyder Jester v1 replace Jester
  35. SSG Savanna replace Savanna
  36. NEW Enforcer replace Enforcer
  37. Topfun replace Topfun
  38. Dunetrash X replace Trashmaster
  39. Voodoo Cabrio replace Voodoo
  40. Asanger (Ambulance civil version) replace Mule
  41. VC Angel replace Freeway
  42. Vice City Squallo II replace Squalo
  43. Zr-350 Spider replace ZR-350
  44. New RC Tiger replace RC Tiger
  45. DFT-30 Cement replace Cement
  46. Gta Sa Solair hatchback replace Stratum
  47. BMX in GTA Vice City Stories replace BMX
  48. Pereninial Sedan replace Perennial
  49. Rumpo sHD replace Rumpo
  50. New Buccaneer replace Buccaneer
  51. GTA V Trem replace Brown Streak
  52. Wahington taxi replace Taxi
  53. Police Ranger Metropolitan Police replace Police Ranger
  54. R-TXD Rhino v4 replace Rhino
  55. Police Maveric Metropolitan Police replace Police Maverick
  56. Sultan with two racing stripes replace Sultan
  57. Cognoscenti replace Merit
  58. Street nigga Burrito replace Burrito
  59. Sabre Turbo v2 replace Sabre
  60. Humvee v3 replace Patriot
  61. Tampa Turbo replace Tampa
  62. Feltzer with roof replace Feltzer
  63. Ambulance-Metro Hospital replace Ambulance
  64. Police Bike Metropolitan Police replace Police Bike
  65. Firetruck-Fire Engine 69 Metro replace Firetruck
  66. Coach with 3D interior design replace Coach
  67. Raindance Entebable replace Raindance
  68. New Firetruck Ladder LSFD-33 LA replace Firetruck LA
  69. Infernus Skin By BlueRay replace Infernus
  70. Baby Elegy Kart replace Kart
  71. Cheetah By BlueRay replace Cheetah
  72. Lampadati Toro replace Jetmax
  73. New Truck replace Petrol
  74. Packer Style DFT-30 replace DFT-30
  75. Buffalo GTR replace Buffalo
  76. Stafford Derby replace Bloodring
  77. Muscle-Clover BETA v. 1 replace Clover
  78. Barracks Fixed replace Barracks
  79. Hotring Jester replace Hotring Racer B
  80. Hotring Elegy replace Hotring Racer A
  81. The trailer to the truck Tanker replace Artict1
  82. Trash-Hustler replace Hustler
  83. Hauler Packer replace Packer
  84. New Banshee replace Banshee
  85. New Turismo replace Turismo
  86. Beta The Bullet replace Bullet
  87. Washington VC replace Washington
  88. Restyle the NRG-500 replace NRG-500
  89. RC Buffalo replace RC Bandit
  90. Diablos Hotknife replace Hotknife
  91. Restyle Elegant replace Elegant
  92. Premier Declasse LSPD replace Police LS
  93. The Mothership replace Camper
  94. Derby Rancher replace Rancher
  95. Enterable Andromada replace Andromada
  96. Custom Blade replace Blade
  97. Honda Dio AF-34 replace Faggio
  98. Dodge Charger Sheriff SA Style replace Police LV
  99. Derby-Bobcat replace Bobcat
  100. Tuned FBI Rancher replace FBI Rancher
  101. Broadway Ratrod replace Broadway
  102. New euros replace Euros
Pack author: Egor418 Downloads: 8349 Comments: 0
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