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Realistic autumn (SA-MP) for GTA San Andreas

16 August 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Реалистичная осень (SA-MP) for GTA San Andreas
A global collection of modifications which in your game comes this autumn!
Innovations are present in this collection:
-HQ textures of fall vegetation, including 3D model of herbs;
-HQ Rail;
-HQ Models of slot machines, fire hydrants, graffiti, games, as well as equipment in the gym;
-Added plugin Silent Patch fixing all the bugs or problems in the PC version of the game;
-Removed were standard shade to improve FPS;
-Added a new, more grey colours, similar to GTA 4 graphics;
-Removed redundant zeroes from the interface;
-Added a new heaven and a realistic sky;
-Added Sun and Moon in HQ;
-Added high-quality effects;
-From the main hero of the new, more high-quality mobile phone that corresponds to the time of the game, IE, 1992:
-Added HQ markers and other pickups;
-HQ Model broken wheelbarrows;
-HQ Textures of fences;
-Heat effect is disabled;
-Added many new textures, including CJ's House in Grove Street;
-Added the cries of crows;
-All NPCs, and also CJ will go pairs from the mouth, as in GTA 4;
-New textures of dirt tires, headlights and inscriptions on the original car;
-Added high quality HQ map and icons on it;
-Also for players SA-MP was replaced by Samp Gui, i.e. list of players, etc.
I have to say that the collection is very large, so it is recommended to place it on a clean game! Otherwise, the possible departure!
Pack include 65 modifications:
  1. Machines from GTA 4
  2. The Los Angeles Police Department
  3. Broken cars on Grove Street
  4. City Hall Los Angeles
  5. HD textures of the seabed
  6. Bullets from GTA 4
  7. Russian Rails
  8. New House with CJ (New Cj house GLC prod v1.1)
  9. Angry Birds Space v1.0
  10. San Fierro Police Station 1.0
  11. Increased drawing machines and pedov
  12. Automobile Traffic Fix v 0.1
  13. The wheel turned when exiting the car
  14. 2-storey house (residence hall)
  15. FPS Limiter, De-CLEO
  16. Old, rusty GAS 53
  17. New textures for a garage in San Fierro
  18. More Hostile Gangs
  19. Retekstur at Jefferson
  20. GTA V Radar Icons
  21. Overdose Effects v1.5
  22. Memory2048
  23. Samp Gui + Mouse
  24. gta_sa.exe 1.0 us
  25. HQ textures of the gym in Gantone
  26. The sounds of crows
  27. Steam from his mouth
  28. Sony PlayStation 4
  29. Mafia 2 map
  30. New vehicle.txd
  31. Autumn menu
  32. 3D models of weapons in the ammu-nation
  33. Viewfinder camera of Mobile version
  34. Whiz Phone
  35. The texture of the fences of GTA SA Mobile
  36. Textures of mini-games and icons radio from GTA SA Mobile
  37. The texture of the screen all schools and their icons from GTA SA Mobile
  38. Mobile Timecycle v 2.0
  39. New machines and dumbbells from GTA SA Mobile
  40. No Shadows
  41. Winter Color mod
  42. Fire Hydrant
  43. Boxing punching bag
  44. Books and magazines in the House CJ
  45. New HD Electric Fence Textures (ID 987)
  46. A new Safe House in Las Venturas
  47. GTA V Markers (v. 1.0)
  48. Dolly
  49. Magically Beautiful Sun for SA-MP
  50. Wooden fences v1.2 HQ
  51. Disabling effects of heat
  52. HD Moon
  53. FPSUnlock
  54. CLEO 4.3.21
  55. Remastered Vanilla Graffiti HQ
  56. New textures clubs
  57. HD Prop Model
  58. Autumn 1.0
  59. Colour tv-Alpha 51TC
  60. Tv-5141D 37TC Berezka
  61. Textures House of GTA 4 v2
  62. Graffiti Art "GTA 5 Franklin, Michael, and Trevor"
  63. Poster Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD
  64. SilentPatchSA 1.1 Build 27
  65. Deleting zeros from the interface
Pack author: Makar_SmW86 Downloads: 4919 Comments: 0
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