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Original SA Remastered for GTA San Andreas

8 September 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Original SA Remastered for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: Vovan244, lk_1997_kl
If you're a fan of classic games, and want to somehow transform without clogging up her silly and illogical modifications, then this collection is for you! This pack contains a modification that will add innovations from different versions of the game that were not available on the PC. Well, and also in this collection there are mods that add new "buns" from the upcoming game pieces, which, in principle, a pretty good look and not spoil the classics.
* Added "SilentPatch" to fix bugs or problems in the PC version of the game and adds everything that was in the PS2
* Added "SkyGFX" to add an exact copy of PS2 graphics. To disable, press F10
* Added a fix facial animations
* Added HQ icons weapons from the mobile version
* Added original map in the HQ of the mobile version
* Added new HQ boot screens, as well as the original menu in HQ
* Added original CJ with textures in HQ as of PS3 version
* On the streets has become more car models than before
* Added HQ vegetation from the PS3 version
* Added new, better icons on the map
* Added HQ textures of sport equipment in the gym
* Fixed bug associated with aggressive driving NPC
* Added "Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1" which adds the turn signals, high beam, reverse lights car. (Office: Z-left corner, X-hazard lights, C-pan/tilt, Shift-right-turn off all J-fog lamps, G-dalnij Svet). Tellingly, the NPC also include turn signals while performing maneuver
* Added original vehicles, adapted to "Improved Vehicle Features"
* Added original HQ graffiti
* Traffic in the game became more realistic and varied. Now on the streets they drive such rare cars like the Banshee, Buffalo, as well as other commercial and utility vehicles
* Added "GinPut". (Support games with gamepad Xbox360)
* At weapons shops on show now 3D models weapons
* Removed the blur when using Nitro;
* Added HQ Samp GUI. (The mouse cursor, list of players and other Windows)
* Added the HUD from the mobile version of the game
* Other textures of "Mobile" version of the game.
Attention! Collection is extensive, and replaces an entire transportation in the game to the original, but adapted to "IVF", which is included. Therefore, it is recommended that you put a collection on a clean game, and then under update her(it) my taste!
Pack author: Makar_SmW86 Downloads: 11272 Comments: 2
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    9 September 2016 13:57
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    nice job plus
    23 November 2017 17:24

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