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Pak SA-style skins for GTA San Andreas

21 September 2016
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак скинов в стиле SA for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: Vovan244, IZH21251
This pack replaces the old skins, new skins in the same style.
Pack include 77 modifications:
  1. New tramp replace bmotr1 (id79)
  2. Skin somybu of Beta version replace somybu (id187)
  3. New Drugs Dealer replace bmydrug (id28)
  4. New Kids-Gerrie replace wmyst (id101)
  5. Introduction Mobster replace vmaff1 (id124)
  6. Press Reporter replace dwmolc2 (id33)
  7. New Nurse replace sbfyri (id219)
  8. The New PoliceMan replace lapd1 (id280)
  9. A new hairdresser replace bmobar (id156)
  10. Beta Sweet replace sweet (id270)
  11. Gangrl3 of the Crips replace gangrl3 (id195)
  12. The old boss of triads replace triboss (id120)
  13. Kurtizantka from the eighties replace swfopro (id75)
  14. A bearded mechanic replace hmogar (id35)
  15. Nigga replace bmydj (id19)
  16. The Asian worker replace bmyap (id16)
  17. Sheriff replace csher (id283)
  18. Truth biker replace truth (id1)
  19. Prison guard replace wmysgrd (id71)
  20. Hillbilly replace vhmycr (id184)
  21. Skin Kendle from GTA SA Mobile replace kendl (id65)
  22. Medical woman replace sfemt1 (id276)
  23. Stripper from GTA Vice City replace sbfystr (id256)
  24. New Ballas1 replace ballas3 (id104)
  25. New Ballas2 replace ballas2 (id103)
  26. New Vagos v3 replace lsv3 (id110)
  27. Black Madd Dogg (Thug life) replace maddogg (id297)
  28. Gangster-x 60 years replace bmybu (id17)
  29. 8-Ball replace bmypol1 (id66)
  30. Bandit replace bikerb (id248)
  31. Man in pajamas replace bmori (id14)
  32. Mafioso replace maffb (id112)
  33. Tycoon replace wmybmx (id23)
  34. Doctor replace lvemt1 (id275)
  35. Ukrainian replace dnb3 (id123)
  36. Blond replace swmori (id235)
  37. Space pop star replace vimyelv (id84)
  38. Rustic wood-Goblin replace cwmyhb1 (id162)
  39. Stocking replace smyst2 (id242)
  40. Al Capone replace bb (id5)
  41. Grandfather replace wmyro (id99)
  42. FBI-Gluing three skins. replace fbi (id286)
  43. Skin Hunter replace swmyhp2 (id73)
  44. New Fam3 replace fam3 (id107)
  45. New skin Azteca replace sfr3 (id175)
  46. Big Smoke replace smoke (id269)
  47. Military special forces replace army (id287)
  48. Lady replace sbfyst (id69)
  49. New skin sfr3 replace sfr2 (id174)
  50. New skin vla2 replace sfr1 (id173)
  51. Bruce Lee replace vwmybox (id81)
  52. Jackie Chan replace vwmybjd (id171)
  53. Gopnik replace cesar (id292)
  54. New Grove Street Gang replace fam1 (id105)
  55. Swat Officer replace swat (id285)
  56. New bmyst replace bmocd (id262)
  57. New wmydrug replace wmydrug (id29)
  58. New fam2 v2 replace andre (id3)
  59. New bmyst v2 replace ogloc (id293)
  60. New fam2 v4 replace fam2 (id106)
  61. American girl replace wfyri (id91)
  62. Ken Rosenberg (Rosie) replace rose (id290)
  63. American girl v2 replace swfyst (id233)
  64. New bmyst replace bmyst (id22)
  65. New ballas1 replace ballas1 (id102)
  66. New lsv1 replace lsv1 (id108)
  67. New bmycr replace bmycr (id21)
  68. New bikera replace bikera (id247)
  69. New omyst replace omyst (id60)
  70. New sindaco replace sindaco (id119)
  71. New maccer replace maccer (id2)
  72. New bmost replace bmost (id15)
  73. New bmypol2 replace bmypol2 (id67)
  74. Ghetto vla1 replace vla1 (id114)
  75. Ghetto vla2 replace vla2 (id115)
  76. Ghetto vla3 replace vla3 (id116)
  77. Vagos in hawaiian shirt replace lsv2 (id109)
Pack author: Mixa_67 Downloads: 1456 Comments: 0
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