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Ukrainian world for GTA San Andreas

30 January 2017
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Український світ for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: smalloff, oleGka123785
Only machines with Ukrainian numbers (a pair of Soviet), replaced a large part of the models themselves, of varying quality, as the 1995 and 2004 y. sample. Public transport, as in real life: Bogdan, Etalon and LAZ. Clothing, colors which go from the State flag. Skins, and their priusy. There is a mod on the Ukrainian twenty old model (well, not those that are confined to the day of birth of Frank). Replaced by a pair of guns. Appeared like the village, although most of the textures. Also as a bonus replaced not fans of our country on the ballas, Big Smoyk and Ryder.
Pack include 133 modifications:
  1. Daewoo Lanos replace Greenwood
  2. Volkswagen Transporter T4 replace Sadler
  3. Audi Allroad Quattro replace Sentinel
  4. BMW X 5 BOSS Of FRANK replace Police Ranger
  5. Audi 100 C4 1992 replace Sultan
  6. Chevrolet Aveo 2007 final replace Admiral
  7. Gaz-3309 Elongatus replace Yankee
  8. MERCEDES BENZ E500 w211 SE Police Ukraine replace FBI Rancher
  9. ZAZ 968 MP replace Club
  10. Skoda Octavia II Ukrainian DPS replace Police SF
  11. VAZ 2101 replace Oceanic
  12. Iveco Turbo Daily replace Rumpo
  13. Nissan X-Trail 2001-2007 replace Stratum
  14. Renault Master Ambulance replace Ambulance
  15. VAZ 2101 car tuning version replace Phoenix
  16. KrAZy Crocodile replace Towtruck
  17. NISSAN Silvia S15 RFteam drifters replace Savanna
  18. GAZ 2217 Sobol replace Burrito
  19. LAZ А152 (10 SitiLAZ) replace Flatbed
  20. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 replace Bobcat
  21. CityLAZ 12 LF replace Bus
  22. The Bentley Continental Flying Spur replace Hustler
  23. Toyota FJ Cruiser replace Landstalker
  24. Bogdan A09202 v2 replace DFT-30
  25. GAZ Valdai 33102 (extra long) replace Mule
  26. Daewoo Nexia Taxi replace Cabbie
  27. BASES t-713 replace Benson
  28. Mercedes-Benz Vito 2007 replace Topfun
  29. Audi Q5 replace Mesa
  30. Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315 CDI replace Journey
  31. UAZ 3303 Tadpole replace Yosemite
  32. GAZ 24-12 v 2 replace Solair
  33. Audi A6 C5 Avant 3.0 replace Remington
  34. VAZ 2109 Carbon replace Buffalo
  35. Kraz Monster replace Monster A
  36. Renault Premium replace Linerunner
  37. ZAZ-968 Zabrošenyj replace Tampa
  38. ВАЗ 2114 replace Elegy
  39. Audi Sport quattro 1983 replace Fortune
  40. VAZ 2110 replace Emperor
  41. Scania R580 replace Roadtrain
  42. Izh Planeta 5 replace PCJ-600
  43. Ukrainian Thunder
  44. The Village Of Ivanovka
  45. Ukravto Corporation
  46. RAILWAY Crossing RUS
  47. MI-17 civil (Ukrainian) replace Maverick
  48. Antonov an-225 Mriya replace Andromada
  49. Yak-42D of Lviv (Ukraine) replace AT-400
  50. Motor OHM 62 replace Marquis
  51. ЧС4-052 replace Brown Streak
  52. Open wagon cargo company replace Freibox
  53. Stalin replace pulaski (id266)
  54. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev replace ryder2
  55. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin replace smoke (id269)
  56. Jew replace zero (id289)
  57. Lukoil Tank replace Petro Trailer
  58. VAZ 2103 replace Hermes
  59. New Rails
  60. Roads.
  61. Montana Spray replace Spray Paint
  62. Platform wagon No. 0019 replace Freiflat
  63. Speedboad replace Jetmax
  64. Volvo Globetrotter FH13 replace Petrol
  65. Moskvich-2141 STR replace Perennial
  66. -Moskvich 2140 SPORT replace Blade
  67. Chme3-5792 replace Freight
  68. Old, rusty GAS 53
  69. Tram stop sign
  70. 3302 Gazelle replace Boxville
  71. Axe replace Night Stick
  72. Yacht replace Tropic
  73. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 211 CDi replace Utility Van
  74. VAZ 2106 replace Uranus
  75. VAZ 2107 replace Walton
  76. Volkswagen Transporter T3 replace Pony
  77. GAZ 3309 milk tanker replace Rancher
  78. LADA 2170 Priora tuning replace Stallion
  79. Mercedes-Benz 190E replace Previon
  80. Molotov Cocktail replace Molotovs
  81. Toyota Celica Tuned SSII replace Turismo
  82. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X replace Merit
  83. Berkut (Ukrainian) replace csher (id283)
  84. Mercedes-Benz 190E Army replace Cheetah
  85. 2009 Volvo XC60 replace Vincent
  86. Toyota Camry XV40 2006 replace Feltzer
  87. ZIL 130 replace Picador
  88. T-shirt "I love Ukraine" replace L.S. T-Shirt
  89. Flag Of Ukraine replace Shovel
  90. ZIL 54236A replace Trashmaster
  91. Lexus GS350 Ukrainian replace Voodoo
  92. Mayor of the border guard service of Ukraine replace army (id287)
  93. Kupejnij wagon "Sloboda" replace StreakC
  94. Fort-227 replace AK47
  95. Militiaman Novorossiya replace ballas3 (id104)
  96. BAZ A079.07 "Etalon" replace Taxi
  97. Policeman UAZ of s. t. a. l. k. e. R replace Glenshit
  98. BASES and 079.14 Standard replace Coach
  99. Arrow militia DNI replace ballas1 (id102)
  100. Fighter from battalion Zorya replace ballas2 (id103)
  101. Honda CRX XII replace Windsor
  102. VAZ 2107 replace Elegant
  103. Seashark from GTA V replace Dinghy
  104. Vespa N-50 replace Faggio
  105. Honda Accord 2010 replace Willard
  106. Honda Prelude Tunable replace ZR-350
  107. Honda Prelude Tuning replace Washington
  108. Peugeot Partner replace Super GT
  109. T-shirt Vovan244 replace White T-Shirt
  110. Trailer reefer replace Artict1
  111. Ural 5557-40 Ministry of Ukraine replace Firetruck
  112. Toyota Celica GT-four replace Jester
  113. Ford Mustang GT 2005 v2 replace Alpha
  114. Mercedes-Benz R350 replace Bravura
  115. National Police College Of Ukraine replace lapd1 (id280)
  116. MIG-29 Ukrainian Falcon replace Shamal
  117. Toyota Prius Police Ukraine replace Police LS
  118. Gazelle 2705 Privatbank v2 replace Securicar
  119. Gazelle 2705 Minesweeper Ukraine replace Enforcer
  120. Toyota Prius Deržavtoìspecìâ Ukraine replace FBI Truck
  121. Krone Tavria V replace Artict2
  122. Toyota Prius Polìcìâ Ukraine replace Police LV
  123. VAZ 2108 DropMode replace Blista Compact
  124. Ukrainian replace dnb3 (id123)
  125. Tram, painted in the colors of the flag v. 2 by Vexillum replace Tram
  126. Soldiers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in krapovom the stalker take replace swat (id285)
  127. Renault Megane replace Cadrona
  128. Mercedes-Benz G500 v2.0 refinement replace Huntley
  129. MČSnik Ukraine replace lafd1 (id277)
  130. BMW E34 EC replace Regina
  131. ZIL 133GÂ v 2.0 finalization replace Packer
  132. Ukrainian v2 replace dnb2 (id122)
  133. Ministry measures emergency employee v. 3 replace sffd1 (id279)
Pack author: Vovan244 Downloads: 7266 Comments: 0
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