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Pak police and bandits for GTA San Andreas

23 July 2017
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак полицейских и бандитов for GTA San Andreas
Pak is suitable for playing in SA-MP. Replaced by gang members, cops, mobsters, medics, the army team. Replaced not all skins because I did not find the normal skins to zamenku.
Pack include 44 modifications:
  1. Army Soldier Skin replace army (id287)
  2. [Latinos] vla1 replace vla1 (id114)
  3. A. Anashkin replace vmaff2 (id125)
  4. New skin of the triad replace triboss (id120)
  5. FBI HD replace fbi (id286)
  6. Ballas1 replace ballas1 (id102)
  7. Skin from GTA 4 v61 replace triada (id117)
  8. Skin from GTA 4 v78 replace wmosci (id70)
  9. New police replace tenpen (id265)
  10. New pulaski replace pulaski (id266)
  11. SWAT HD replace swat (id285)
  12. MAFBOSS replace mafboss (id113)
  13. VMAFF1 HD (LCN) replace vmaff1 (id124)
  14. BALLAS3 HD By Vados replace ballas3 (id104)
  15. New fam2 replace fam2 (id106)
  16. Cop out GTA 5 v. 2 replace lvpd1 (id282)
  17. SFEMT1 HD replace sfemt1 (id276)
  18. LVEMT1 HD replace lvemt1 (id275)
  19. LAEMT1 HD replace laemt1 (id274)
  20. VMAFF3 HD replace vmaff3 (id126)
  21. Ballas 2 (GTA) replace ballas2 (id103)
  22. fam1 by DmXLite [HD] replace fam1 (id105)
  23. New police v. 2 replace sfpd1 (id281)
  24. New police v. 4 replace lapdm1 (id284)
  25. VMAFF4 HD replace vmaff4 (id127)
  26. Csher in HD replace csher (id283)
  27. Dsher in HD replace dsher (id288)
  28. DNB1 HD replace dnb1 (id121)
  29. Biker replace bikera (id247)
  30. LAPD1 HD replace lapd1 (id280)
  31. BIKDRUG HD replace bikdrug (id254)
  32. LSV3 HD replace lsv3 (id110)
  33. VLA3 HD replace vla3 (id116)
  34. New cool fam3 replace fam3 (id107)
  35. MAFFB HQ replace maffb (id112)
  36. Aztec Gang (VLA2) replace vla2 (id115)
  37. The new Bandit from Vagos replace lsv1 (id108)
  38. Bikerb HD replace bikerb (id248)
  39. New HD sfr2 replace sfr2 (id174)
  40. Triadb in HD replace triadb (id118)
  41. New HD maffa replace maffa (id111)
  42. New Vagos v2 replace lsv2 (id109)
  43. New Rifovec v3 replace sfr3 (id175)
  44. The new Aztec v1 replace sfr1 (id173)
Pack author: yooya Downloads: 484 Comments: 0
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