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Pak facilities and realism for GTA San Andreas

31 July 2017
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак удобства и реалистичности for GTA San Andreas
Moderators: lk_1997_kl, tima2014
This pack requires: Hello everyone! That's decided to create a small park. Features:-Tune vehicles anywhere by pressing T (Eng)-Persist anywhere except the car and water. You also cannot be maintained during the execution of the missions. To save, press F4-Teleport to a marker by pressing X and Y Note: not teleport with a gun or with a pistol with a silencer in the hands-Use GPS Navigator. To do this, you need to get in the car, put a marker on the map and press F12-Wearing all the weapons on the body-switch on and switch off the lights of your car, lock the doors and turn on/off Headlights engine-L Lock doors-O (Engl.) engine. (Russ.) -Replace probituju bus. To do this, exit the car, come to open the tailgate and take a new bus, press Enter. Then come to probitomu the wheel, squatted down (key C) and wait for the completion of the process of replacement tires-Throwing weapons. G key-kick out people from the transport, at gunpoint. For this approach the car and hit the U.S. Go not all-Reload weapon R-button Keep wheels rotated on exit-go into any House and steal things (Enter) outside the Mission of thief-get/remove micro semi automatic (Z key), unscrew and attach the silencer to the 9 mm (X). Note: rechargeable micro semi-automatic and sawed-off shotgun after having removed the second. Otherwise the second appears again-the possibility of playing in first person (V)-to open the closed car, smashing glass and opening the car inside. Some cars are not opened for the first time, the units-all other changes:-added speedometer Now when scrolling through weapons cartridges remain, which makes recharging required (R)-shooting Script from the tank. Added beautiful effects, improved aiming, the enemy tank can explode-no shadows-no heat effects-adequate behavior of machines-GTA IV HUD-new fire effects, explosions, etc. (beautiful and go on a PC with minimum characteristics)-road repair in LS
Pack author: sacha_zaharov Downloads: 1921 Comments: 0
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