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Pak air transport from Nitrous'a for GTA San Andreas

10 August 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак воздушного транспорта от Nitrous'а for GTA San Andreas
Pak replaces entire air transportation games (11 aircraft and 9 helicopters) on the real aircraft:

1. C-17 Globemaster III (Andromada)
2. The Boeing 777-200 British Airways (AT-400)
3. The ATR 72-500 UTair (Nevada)
4. the MV-22 Osprey US Coast Guard (Beagle)
5. AS-365N-US Coast Guard (Raindance)
6, 7, 8. Robinson R44 Raven II (Maverick, Police Maverick, Maverick News; coloring matching)
9. Blue Ghawar (Shamal)
10. AH-6 Little Bird (Sparrow)
11. Sea Bell H13 (Seasparrow)
12.13. Cessna 152 (Dodo, Skimmer; with skis and without)
14. The Skylift (Leviathan)
15. Sikorsky MH-53 (Cargobob)
16. G-164A Ag-Cat (Cropduster)
17. CT-4E Trainer (Stuntplane)
18. Yak-9 (Ideally)
19. The Ka-52 (Hunter)
20. F-14 Tomcat (Hydra)

This is my first Pack of air transport, rate, comment and enjoy your game!
Pack include 20 modifications:
  1. AH-6 Little Bird replace Sparrow
  2. Sikorsky MH-53 replace Cargobob
  3. Robinson R44 Raven II NC 1.0 White replace Police Maverick
  4. AS-365N United States Coast Guard replace Raindance
  5. Robinson R44 Raven II NC 1.0 Skins 4 replace Maverick
  6. Robinson R44 Raven II NC 1.0 TV replace News Maverick
  7. Sea Bell H13 replace Sea Sparrow
  8. Skylift replace Leviathan
  9. Ka-52 Alligator replace Hunter
  10. The yak-9 in livery "Sevastopol" replace Rustler
  11. C-17 Globemaster III replace Andromada
  12. Cessna 152 water option replace Skimmer
  13. Blue Ghawar replace Shamal
  14. ATR 72-500 UTair replace Nevada
  15. Boeing 777-200 British Airways replace AT-400
  16. Cessna 152 v 1.1 (final) replace Dodo
  17. CT-4E Trainer replace Stuntplane
  18. G-164A Ag-Cat replace Crop Duster
  19. F-14 Tomcat HQ replace Hydra
  20. MV-22 Osprey US Coast Guard replace Beagle
Pack author: WOT_master_62 Downloads: 8300 Comments: 0
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