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Best Pak HD skins for GTA San Andreas

10 December 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Лучший пак HD скинов for GTA San Andreas
I saw on the site 2 Pak HD skins, but 1 of them was not complete. This Pak HD 167 skins that should and you will like it.
More details about the package:
1. in almost all skins replaced Pak mafias and gangs.
2. in the folder changed all confused.
3. the package is replaced by almost all of the story's heroes.
4. the package changed almost all residents of the State.
5. Pack coming to GTA SAMP.
Pack include 167 modifications:
  1. Very good skin instead of BMYCG replace bmycg (id144)
  2. Blue Girl XXX replace sfypro (id243)
  3. Jamaican Guy replace sbmyst (id142)
  4. New Skin Beach replace bmybe (id18)
  5. Army Soldier Skin replace army (id287)
  6. Afro-American Boy replace bmydj (id19)
  7. New hfyst replace hfyst (id41)
  8. HQ skin lapdm1 replace lapdm1 (id284)
  9. New FBI replace wmyboun (id164)
  10. The Rifa Gang (sfr1) replace sfr1 (id173)
  11. The Rifa Gang (sfr2) replace sfr2 (id174)
  12. New beautiful PED (hmyst) replace hmyst (id48)
  13. New Putana replace vbfyst2 (id244)
  14. New fam3 HD replace fam3 (id107)
  15. Bald character replace maffb (id112)
  16. Engineer helmet replace wmyconb (id153)
  17. Girl-dealer replace vbfycrp (id11)
  18. Pensioner replace bfori (id9)
  19. Beach character replace wmybe (id154)
  20. Arabian Wahhabi replace sbmori (id221)
  21. BigHustle replace bb (id5)
  22. Veteran biker replace bikera (id247)
  23. Russian Mafia replace maffa (id111)
  24. Chicano Chick replace nurgrl3 (id193)
  25. New girl Kate Archer replace vhfypro (id207)
  26. Dirty dog replace bmypol2 (id67)
  27. Jamaica replace sbmytr3 (id136)
  28. Skin man replace swmotr4 (id239)
  29. The Truth replace truth (id1)
  30. New wmybmx [HD] replace wmybmx (id23)
  31. HD wmyst replace wmyst (id101)
  32. The New policeman replace sfpd1 (id281)
  33. New ofyri (OFGirl) replace ofyri (id55)
  34. Police skin replace tenpen (id265)
  35. New Skin replace bmobar (id156)
  36. New skin girls replace bfyst (id13)
  37. LSPD Skin replace wmysgrd (id71)
  38. New cat HD replace cat (id298)
  39. New smokev HD replace smokev (id149)
  40. Good skin substitute sfr3 replace sfr3 (id175)
  41. New skin of the triad replace dnb2 (id122)
  42. New skin of the triad replace dnb3 (id123)
  43. JAMAL by Gedimas replace paul (id291)
  44. HD swmyhp1 replace swmyhp1 (id72)
  45. FBI HD replace fbi (id286)
  46. New HD Skin Businessman replace bmybu (id17)
  47. Vagos2 replace lsv2 (id109)
  48. KRosenberg replace rose (id290)
  49. Dead Rising replace wmoice (id264)
  50. SOFYBU in HD replace sofybu (id141)
  51. BMYAP HD replace bmyap (id16)
  52. Skin from GTA 4 v13 replace bmochil (id168)
  53. Cab Driver replace wmycd1 (id261)
  54. CowGirl replace hfypro (id64)
  55. Ryder replace ryder (id271)
  56. Wmylg replace wmylg (id97)
  57. GANGRL3 HD replace gangrl3 (id195)
  58. New pulaski replace pulaski (id266)
  59. New kendl replace kendl (id65)
  60. Torino HD replace torino (id295)
  61. New homeless replace swmotr5 (id230)
  62. Wmycon HD replace wmycon (id27)
  63. New hairdresser replace bmybar (id176)
  64. Bmotr1 HD replace bmotr1 (id79)
  65. Wmybell HD replace wmybell (id167)
  66. Wmymech HD replace wmymech (id50)
  67. SWAT HD replace swat (id285)
  68. MAFBOSS replace mafboss (id113)
  69. VWMOTR1 HD replace vwmotr1 (id212)
  70. VLA1 HD replace vla1 (id114)
  71. LVPD1 replace lvpd1 (id282)
  72. SWMOTR3 HD replace swmotr3 (id137)
  73. WMYRI HD replace wmyri (id98)
  74. WMYPLT HD replace wmyplt (id61)
  75. CWMYHB2 HD replace cwmyhb2 (id200)
  76. WUZIMU HD replace wuzimu (id294)
  77. WMYBU HD (government) replace wmybu (id147)
  78. BALLAS2 HD (Ballas) replace ballas2 (id103)
  79. BALLAS3 HD By Vados replace ballas3 (id104)
  80. WMYVA HD replace wmyva (id189)
  81. Hannah Montana replace sbfypro (id238)
  82. SWMYRI HD replace swmyri (id240)
  83. Badgirl from No More Heros replace sofori (id224)
  84. Gardener (GTA V) replace bmycon (id260)
  85. BMYCR HD (Reddon) replace bmycr (id21)
  86. Leopard Bikini replace dnfylc (id131)
  87. MALE01 HD replace male01 (id7)
  88. WMYJG HD replace wmyjg (id96)
  89. VWMYCR HD replace vwmycr (id181)
  90. BFYRI HD replace bfyri (id12)
  91. VWMYBJD HD replace vwmybjd (id171)
  92. WMYRO HD replace wmyro (id99)
  93. SOMORI HD replace somori (id228)
  94. WFYRO Ver II replace wfyro (id92)
  95. SHFYPRO HD replace shfypro (id237)
  96. SFEMT1 HD replace sfemt1 (id276)
  97. LVEMT1 HD replace lvemt1 (id275)
  98. LAEMT1 HD replace laemt1 (id274)
  99. BMYMIB HD replace bmymib (id166)
  100. An elderly woman 2 replace cwfyfr2 (id199)
  101. SWMYST HD replace swmyst (id188)
  102. WBDYG2 HD replace wbdyg2 (id25)
  103. BFYPRO HD replace bfypro (id63)
  104. WFYPRO HD replace wfypro (id152)
  105. VWMYBOX HD replace vwmybox (id81)
  106. MADDOGG HD replace maddogg (id297)
  107. TBONE HD replace tbone (id273)
  108. GUNGRL3 HD replace gungrl3 (id191)
  109. The Barber of GTA 5 replace wmybar (id177)
  110. VMAFF3 HD replace vmaff3 (id126)
  111. SWMYCR HD replace swmycr (id250)
  112. BMYDRUG HD replace bmydrug (id28)
  113. DWAYNE HD replace dwayne (id268)
  114. WMYCR HD replace wmycr (id100)
  115. VMYBOX HD replace vbmybox (id80)
  116. WMYPIZZ HD replace wmypizz (id155)
  117. CESAR HD replace cesar (id292)
  118. JIZZY HD replace jizzy (id296)
  119. Ryder HD replace ryder2
  120. Ryder HD (masked) replace ryder3 (id86)
  121. CWMYHB1 HD replace cwmyhb1 (id162)
  122. BMYBOUN HD replace bmyboun (id163)
  123. Claude HD replace claude (id299)
  124. Big Smoke HD replace smoke (id269)
  125. Sweet HD replace sweet (id270)
  126. Lafd1 HD replace lafd1 (id277)
  127. Lvfd1 HD replace lvfd1 (id278)
  128. Sffd1 HD replace sffd1 (id279)
  129. Tom raider nude replace vwfyst1 (id87)
  130. Ashley Angel sex replace vbfypro (id245)
  131. BALLAS1 replace ballas1 (id102)
  132. BMYTATT HD replace bmytatt (id180)
  133. ZERO HD replace zero (id289)
  134. VMAFF4 HD replace vmaff4 (id127)
  135. SBFYRI HD replace sbfyri (id219)
  136. EMMET HD replace emmet (id6)
  137. DWMYLC1 HD replace dwmylc1 (id34)
  138. Csher in HD replace csher (id283)
  139. Dsher in HD replace dsher (id288)
  140. BMYPIMP HD replace bmypimp (id249)
  141. Fam2 HD replace fam2 (id106)
  142. DNB1 HD replace dnb1 (id121)
  143. WMYVA2 HD replace wmyva2 (id252)
  144. WMYCLOT HD replace wmyclot (id217)
  145. VMAFF1 HD by Vados replace vmaff1 (id124)
  146. SINDACO HD replace sindaco (id119)
  147. Maccer HD replace maccer (id2)
  148. BBTHIN HD replace bbthin (id4)
  149. HFYBE HD replace hfybe (id140)
  150. LAPD1 HD replace lapd1 (id280)
  151. WBDYG HD replace wbdyg1 (id24)
  152. FORELLI HD replace forelli (id272)
  153. BIKDRUG HD replace bikdrug (id254)
  154. SUZIE HD replace suzie (id208)
  155. Skin LSV1 replace lsv1 (id108)
  156. VLA2 by Wakavelli Cuadrado replace vla2 (id115)
  157. VLA3 by Wakavelli Cuadrado replace vla3 (id116)
  158. WMYGOL1 HD replace wmygol1 (id36)
  159. WMYGOL2 HD replace wmygol2 (id37)
  160. Ogloc in HD replace ogloc (id293)
  161. LSV3 HD replace lsv3 (id110)
  162. Jethro HD replace jethro (id42)
  163. New drug dealer in HD quality replace wmydrug (id29)
  164. New bmost replace bmost (id15)
  165. Young blonde replace wfyst (id93)
  166. FAM1 HD replace fam1 (id105)
  167. HD Andre replace andre (id3)
Pack author: Masivik Downloads: 27880 Comments: 1
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