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Pak weapons v 0.2 for GTA San Andreas

26 June 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак оружия v 0.2 for GTA San Andreas
Present to you the 0.2 version of PaKa weapons
Fixed old bugs or problems.
Some model weapons were withdrawn or changed. Enjoyable game!
Pack include 32 modifications:
  1. Fire extinguisher from GTA 4. replace Fire Extinguisher
  2. Fim-43 Redeye replace Missile Launcher
  3. Golden brass knuckles replace Brass Knuckles
  4. M1 Garand replace Rifle
  5. M4 Close Quarter Combat replace M4
  6. Saw Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw replace Chainsaw
  7. Knife Krauzera replace Knife
  8. Ak-103 Assault Rifle replace AK47
  9. Roses replace Flowers
  10. New Chromegun-Double-barreled gun replace Shotgun
  11. New Colt45-Gold replace Colt 45
  12. Desert eagle HD replace Desert Eagle
  13. Pistol with silencer replace Silenced Pistol
  14. Nitestick replace Night Stick
  15. Montana Spray replace Spray Paint
  16. Katana HD replace Katana
  17. New snow shovel replace Shovel
  18. Minigun update replace Minigun
  19. New SPAS replace Combat Shotgun
  20. RLX replace RPG
  21. RGD-5 replace Grenades
  22. New Cool Flame Flower replace Flame Thrower
  23. LCN Baseballbat replace Baseball Bat
  24. Putter of GTA 5 replace Golf Club
  25. SMG (MP5) of GTA 5 replace MP5
  26. Intratec TEC-9 replace Tec9
  27. Bong replace Molotovs
  28. Bleed from Srow replace Sawn Off Shotgun
  29. Uzi from FarCry 3 replace Micro Uzi
  30. Sticky Bombs GTA 5 replace Sachet Charges
  31. Dark green backpack SAS soldier of games Hidden And Dangerous 2 replace Parachute
  32. AWP Dragon Lore replace Sniper Rifle
Pack author: dimon4ik41571 Downloads: 2990 Comments: 0
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