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Pak for cheaters for GTA San Andreas

Pak for cheaters for GTA San Andreas
 Пак для читеров  miniature 1
 Пак для читеров  video 1
 Пак для читеров  miniature 2  Пак для читеров  miniature 3  Пак для читеров  miniature 4  Пак для читеров  miniature 5  Пак для читеров  miniature 6  Пак для читеров  miniature 7
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Published on 29 May 2015

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Tuning machine anywhere:
This mod allows you to tune your car anywhere. Sitting in the cabin of an automobile just click on the keyboard:-T (e-Russian) and enjoy tuning!

Spauner machines:
In the digit 7

Sohranâjsâ wherever you want:
F4 Key

Machine gun:
Just search for free space, and then press T (e) and close to SiDžeem a fence which he will shoot. To finish shooting, then F (Enter)-"enter the machine".

U Key

Fix Auto:
Sometimes there are difficult situations when car turns on and has nothing to do. ... Forget it! You can now fix the auto button-R (k-English)
But if the car turns over the clamp-R-and it stands on its wheels and počinitsâ!

All weapons:
Enter code GUNS

Traffic management:
Insert + Page Up

Left Alt

Infinite ammo:
When pressing Ctrl + Tab you will have an infinite number of cartridges! And there is also a huge plus-the SAMP MOD works!
MOD tool, download and evaluation about unforgettable!
The server may be banned, because the mod is made for single player GTA.

For lovers of explosions:
the script for those who loves explosions. When you're not in the car, hit the I (w)

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