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Reality game mod pack for GTA San Andreas

Reality game mod pack for GTA San Andreas
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Published on 1 June 2014

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1.animals in gta san andreas - mods - checken, hourse and more
2.ams 3.2.1 (active dashboards) - press (*) to activate to disable (/) to get a gas hold (N)

-rotating mežsekcionnyj drive, as in "Ikaruse" with an accordion;
-rulâŝie rims in the back section of the "Ikarus";
-You can create ahead of another bridge with rulâŝimi wheels;
-You can create back podrulivaûŝuû axle, as on some buses, the angles are calculated based on the dimensions of the model;
-the ability to create a fully functioning hydraulic dump trucks, including trailers;
-steady turn wheels on cars of class "worker";
-the ability to customize the car speedometer, tachometer (sizing, pointer, maximum lift janitors and
the helm;
-transfer case (polnoprivodnikah);
-You can raise the truck cabin type "KAMAZ".

press - (K) - for wipes
press - (B) - for hand brake
press - (J) - for on/of engine
press - (P) - for hook/unhook the trailer
press - (Z) - left povortnik on/off
press - (X) - the hazard lights on/off
press - (C) - right pan/tilt on/off
press - (9) - reduced (on/off at a speed of less than 5 km/h)
press - (0) - front-wheel drive
press - (_) - all-wheel drive
press - (=) - rear-wheel drive

"num8"-standing near the car lift cabin;
' num2 '-omit the cabin standing next to the car;
"num8"/"num2"-raise/lower body (behind the wheel to sit). You can do any car truck. If the tipper-dumper,
the use of hydraulics lift lower body num7/num1;
-"incert"/"delete"-raise/lower the left glass;
-"pageup"/"pagedown"-raise/lower right glass;
-"/" num9 num3 "-raise/lower sloth (standing at axis);
-"num4/num6"-open/close vorotinu (standing at the door of the body).

Crane Control:
- "num8"/"num2" - raise/lower arrow;
- "num4/num6 - rotate an arrow;
- "/" num7 num9 " - push/slide the arrow;
- "num1"/"num3" - to release/remove support;
- "num num" + "/" -wind up/unwind steering.

3.home inside - now ur gang is follow u where are u come inside ur home or any where you come..

4. first person - now to can shoot lokk like a counter strike...

5. authorepair - these mods cant repair any car with no pressing or type in your keyboard auto repair

6. holes of bullet - now u can shoot a car or wall without bullet holes

7. tuning mod - these mod is nice u can tune and upgrade ur cars any cars

8.emergency light - to active press (F12)
to show a menu press (F11)
to select ur choose press (H)
to torn of the light press (F10)
To run the cilivian lights:
Indicator: Left-(minus next to Backspace)
Indicator Right: = (is-next to the Backspace)
Giveway: Flash-and = (minus and equal press)

9. crash when crash mods.. the mod is reality crash in cars

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