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Design Your Own Mission (DYOM) 6.1 for GTA San Andreas

Design Your Own Mission (DYOM) 6.1

Before we could recover from version 6 of all known creation of missions, as has a new version 6.1!
The main innovations:
Finally fixed a bug with the parachutes!
Killed enemies that were \"order\" will now be hidden after their murder
In the \"Storyline\", setting triggers, you can choose how much money you will receive after passing (!). Nevertheless now you can get rewards in addition to respect
Triggers are now available in the interiors.
Now the player who creates as long as the mission became stronger and the words \"You are hungry\" will no longer be displayed.
Added new goals (which we have been waiting for): Talking on the phone and remove weapons
There's a new animation: jump forward
Now, after you die/are arrested, you will spaunit'sâ about the nearest hospital/floor. area, and not in Los Santos.
Now, as \"Space\", the menu acts \"Enter\".
Well, perhaps, and all!

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Author: Dutchy3010 & Patrick W
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Published on 26 April 2013

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