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Paz-32054 for GTA San Andreas

Paz-32054 for GTA San Andreas
 ПАЗ-32054 for GTA San Andreas miniature 1  ПАЗ-32054 for GTA San Andreas miniature 2  ПАЗ-32054 for GTA San Andreas miniature 3  ПАЗ-32054 for GTA San Andreas miniature 4  ПАЗ-32054 for GTA San Andreas miniature 5
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Published on 8 April 2013

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In about 80 thousands of polygons
Contains 4-re paint work.
Many small parts made in 3D.
6 extras (real 4 Novosibirsk route, as well as the official " and " " kids ").
All supported dummy SA.
The fan is spinning.
Its shadow and conflict, to walk around the cabin.

Model history.
Scorsese says:
-" me Initially was conceived only a refinement of the model a Groove from Vadikgg and the subsequent conversion of the game Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven. But in the process of refining had to abandon many of the native parts of the model. As a result of a Groove Vadikgg only " skorlupka " body, but she thoroughly reworked.
The chassis, engine, dashboard, all Windows, doors, railings and much more has been done again. Release version for playing Mafia took place in December 2007. In August 2009, began converting in GTA: San Andreas, which was followed by subsequent improvement model-changed form of Chuck, replaced by wheels on a more realistic, as well as adapting features of SA-painting works (skins), " extras.
Author:  Scorsese
Author`s e-mail:
Model to replace: Yankee
Make: ПАЗ
This model contains custom settings for:
  • - handling
  • - vehicles
  • - carcols
  • - carmods
  • This model supports tuning in Transfeder and other tuning houses.
  • Steering wheel in this car is on the left.
  • This is a rear wheel drive car
  • This modification contains 4 paintjobs.
  • This model contains 6 extras.
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