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Willys MB for GTA San Andreas

Willys MB for GTA San Andreas
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 Willys MB for GTA San Andreas miniature 2
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Published on 22 July 2013

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A light all-terrain vehicle for the army Willys MB was created within a very short time three
both firms: Bantam, Ford and Willys in 1940, production began in 1941.
but in July 1941, the American military has decided to unify these cars.
Za osnovu BYL vzyat Willys MA, which was subsequently improved, on the basis of the received
operating experience. The new model was the index of MV. Ford began producing almost the same
the car named Ford GPW. The G stands for "Government issue" (State) "Passenger"
(Passenger), W-Willys (Willys) is made according to the drawings by Willis. The letters GP and
formed the word "Jeep".
In 1942, the USSR "Villisy" supplied on lend-lease program. Only the Soviet Union was
is this type of car 50500, which were used until the end of the war.
Characteristics of vehicle Willys MB:
-Year of manufacture, 1940.
-Weight of 1020 kg
-Engine power 73 HP (53.7 kW) liquid-cooled, carburetor
-Maximum speed: 104 km/h

original-winter and summer coloring pages of u.s. Army and lend-lease;
number plates-SA;
-4 extras: tarpaulin roof, Browning machine gun caliber, zo-commanding officers
(with AR-88-F), boxes of ammunition and Thompson.
-Fuel capacity: 15 gallons
Converter:  ivan
Author`s e-mail:
Author`s site:
Model to replace: Sadler
This model contains custom settings for:
  • - handling
  • - vehicles
  • - carcols
  • - carmods
  • This model supports tuning in Transfeder and other tuning houses.
  • Steering wheel in this car is on the left.
  • It has all-wheel drive.
  • This model contains 4 extras.
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