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LAZ 697M for GTA San Andreas

LAZ 697M for GTA San Andreas
 ЛАЗ 697М for GTA San Andreas miniature 1  ЛАЗ 697М for GTA San Andreas miniature 2  ЛАЗ 697М for GTA San Andreas miniature 3  ЛАЗ 697М for GTA San Andreas miniature 4  ЛАЗ 697М for GTA San Andreas miniature 5
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Published on 8 December 2012

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Bus Laz-697M " Tourist " replaced in 1970, produced before that bus Laz-697E. New bus was different from previous slightly different bodywork with increased top side Windows and rear air intake-lack of pipe-air intake for the engine is now carried out through the side deflectors. The first demonstration bus Laz-697M was shown at an exhibition in Moscow in 1969, and from serial it differed slightly different artwork and the emergency exits from Chuck in place of some of the side glasses. The bus then demonstrated several times at various exhibitions until the end of the year release of the entire series of Laz-697M. Buses Laz-697M serially manufactured before 1975, and distinguish them you can always by a big letter " l " on the front end. At the end of the production of Laz-697M transitional model was produced with the front part of the bus remained still from Laz-697M, and the back of the body matches LAZ-697N already.
Author:  outcast13
Author`s site:
Make: ЛАЗ
This model contains custom settings for:
  • - handling
  • - vehicles
  • - carcols
  • This model supports tuning in Transfeder and other tuning houses.
  • Steering wheel in this car is on the left.
  • This is a rear wheel drive car
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