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Aston Martin DB9 for GTA San Andreas

Aston Martin DB9 for GTA San Andreas
 Aston Martin DB9 for GTA San Andreas miniature 1  Aston Martin DB9 for GTA San Andreas miniature 2  Aston Martin DB9 for GTA San Andreas miniature 3  Aston Martin DB9 for GTA San Andreas miniature 4  Aston Martin DB9 for GTA San Andreas miniature 5
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Published on 6 February 2013

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KomfortSperedi pilots seat is full, but the shooters from behind – not enough. But you don't drag with a wife and children? This is a beautiful speedboat, but on secondary Highway it is too big and will forever hang around gas stations. HarakteristikiCelyh 477 PS guarantee up to hundreds for 4.8 with maksimalku and 299 km/h, if the road allows automatic ZF with Vario. podrulevym switching is superb, and if that isn't enough, then listen to, sounds like a car, when his strike up. like rides at 320 km/h is good? Yes. Very krutostiDoverni got the degree to the maximum and go, before you is DB9. There is not the slightest chance look it nekruto. Even a real botanikam to face the invasion of women. This machine demonstrates that you have the taste and money. But take her rent or hijack a quite nekruto. Consider, we warned. not KačestvoNičto makes the heart beat so hard like a piece of teak/bamboo/Matt cherry, and pure crystal starter button is good to hit passenger. suffice it to say that the DB9 is an exclusive Salon. Although someone there complained electrician, so not everything so perfectly, but the overall quality level is in the stratosphere. Upravlâemost′DB9 created exclusively as a GT and managed to both gt. Front hangs a large V12so on a good car speeds tend to lack povoračivaemosti. can cure this by topnuv on gas, not that this bothers. If finding fault, the stroke is harsh. (A) the convertible Volante is a bit jerky.Praktičnost′V DB9 space enough for two people and a large bag with things. Isn't it a little? RashodyEsli want to look a million dollar pay. 20 litres per 100 kilometres, expensive insurance, standard (quite considerable) devaluation. now that the excitement of novelty on the market was quiet, DB9 will be important to you.
Author:  Zorro[rx]
Author`s e-mail:
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Model to replace: Buffalo
Make: Aston Martin
This model contains custom settings for:
  • - handling
  • - vehicles
  • - carmods
  • This model supports tuning in Transfeder and other tuning houses.
  • Steering wheel in this car is on the left.
  • This is a front wheel drive vehicle
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