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Write the script for GTA 5

3 August 2016
Пишем скрипт для GTA 5

In this article you will learn how to develop your own scripts for the game GTA V in a simple Notepad.
Learn how to create a keyboard event and perform simple commands in the game by pressing. As well as use the native functions of the game in their scripts.
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How to add the mod on the site (for example, machines)

15 July 2016
How to add the mod on the site (for example, machines)

Step by step instructions with pictures to help you collect the installer and easier to install mod to the game GTA 5.
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Installing mods GTA 5

15 July 2016
Установка модов в GTA 5

This article will tell you about the features you install mods to the game. You will learn how to install mods and learn about the challenges you will encounter when you install mods, as well as about their decision.
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