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Installing mods GTA 5

15 July 2016
Let's see how to prepare the GTA 5 for mods!
The first thing you need to do is install the Asi Loader , plugin from command OpenIV and ScriptHook . Without these programs, you will not be able to play with mods.
Download these mods, pressing the green button on the site and run the installer.
For those who are first time puts fashion from our site by using the Autoset, explain:
Click the "Browse" button in the installer, choose the folder with your game and click the "next" button. Beyond all conventional programs.
Looks like our Installer for GTA 5.
Установка модов в GTA 5

Start the game and if you have installed correctly the game should work without any problems.
Now you can safely download from our website: cars , motorcycles , scripts and everything you will be. installing any other mods does not differ from what we did before.

Problems and their solutions:
A frequent question in the comments I see about an error that occurs at the beginning of install some mods to the game.
Answer this question once, and it is here. smile
If you have downloaded any mod and the installer refused to install it into your game, make sure you check all add-ons, or as they are called DLC you have installed.
The fact of the matter is that the game is updated and, consequently, fashion made for specific updates, which you may not be.

I also recommend putting a licensed game, purchased in Stime. This is guaranteed to be mean in your game installed all the DLC.
If you downloaded the GTA 5 c torrent, then you will have to search for the latest version of an Assembly.
But there is another option, you can accept the fact that the mod is not for your game and swing the other.

It is important! Those who use licensed game, will have to follow the updates of the program ScriptHook.
Though game updates are infrequent, but after updating the game ceases to run and you will see the following error.
Установка модов в GTA 5

What should I do? Correctly, install the new version of ScriptHook from the developer's website or from our website. We regularly update program, follow our news.

And finally, don't play with mods in online mode. This can lead to a ban.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Than we can as they say, so will help.
And I wish you luck, smaller missions-bugs, I hope this article was useful.
Join us, filling the archive site with interesting mods, communicate in our community and support site
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