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GTA Online-Event Details DLC "dirty money: part 1"

9 June 2015
GTA Online - Подробности мероприятия DLC

Rockstar Games has just shared the details of the special event, timed to coincide with the entry of new Add-ons for dirty money: part 1. The event will be held this weekend from 12 to 14 June.

Tomorrow R * new addition that will fill GTA Online new content, as well as fixes several bugs.

And this weekend the developers hold the traditional event, which always dedicate the new additions. So what you are waiting for nice bonuses with 12 to 14 June?

Double reputation points (RP) and money (GTA) anavrin activities (antagonism).
Double reputation points (RP) in all forms of racing.
25% discount on expensive apartments.
Often dumped boxes of exclusive t-shirts (dumpsites boxes: Hippodrome, Yacht Club and Richmond hills).
Snapmatic event with a prize in the GTA $ 1 m.
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New DLC for GTA Online will appear next week

1 June 2015
New DLC for GTA Online will appear next week

Rockstar Games announced that the new DLC for GTA Online will appear next week.

Here is what wrote Rockstar Games:

Because of the jump in crime in southern San Andreas demand for luxury goods to an unprecedented height. Sellers are climbing on shelves to ...
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Carefully! Popular mods for GTA V contained viruses

15 May 2015
Осторожно! Популярные моды для GTA V содержат вирусы

Popular mods for GTA V such as "Angry Planes," "NoClip", "Player/Peds Ragdoll Mod 2.1" and perhaps others contain viruses.

This was announced today at the Forum

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GTA V is worse than GTA IV?

14 May 2015

We all like the graphics and gameplay of GTA V, but particularly attentive fans still uglâdeli points in GTA IV have been made better. Perhaps this was done to improve the performance of the game, but maybe not. See it all on video:

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FiveM mod for GTA 5 PC allows players to create new game modes and use dedicated servers for PC

11 May 2015
Мод FiveM для GTA 5 на ПК позволяет игрокам создавать новые режимы игры и использовать выделенные серверы на PC

The first experimental version of fashion FiveM is now available for installation on the GTA 5 PC. With this MOD you can get advanced functionality for multiplayer modes with dedicated servers and the ability to create server with various mods created by players.
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The new portion of the best videos from fans of GTA V

11 May 2015
Новая порция лучших видео от фанатов GTA V

We offer you to look at a new batch of videos that caught the attention of Rockstar Games. They all performed professionally, it is felt that the authors of the work invested in their work a hefty helping of creativity and perfectly mastered all the tools of the Editor:
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The band released a second patch for GTA 5 on PC

21 April 2015
Вышел второй патч для GTA 5 на PC

Rockstar Games has released second update for the PC version of GTA 5. New good patch (177 MB for owners of Steam-version and 375 megabytes for all others) will update the game to version 335.1. Update fixes a lot of bugs in the Editor, as well as Rockstar errors with launcher GTA 5.

Download the patch begins automatically after starting the game.

The list of changes:

  • Players can no longer buy more vehicles than can fit in their real estate
  • ...
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IFruit mobile app now supports game GTA V on a PC

20 April 2015
Мобильное приложение iFruit теперь поддерживает игру GTA V на PC

IFruit application was created to expand the boundaries of GTA 5 outside monitors and televisions, and add a bit of Los Santos into your daily life.

GTA 5 release for the PC was released on April 14, and the passing game it is advised you to use iFruit for training or Chop for tuning machines, however, this was not possible due to lack of support for the PC version.

But now everything has changed ...

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