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GTA 5 questionable details from OXM

20 May 2013
The hype around Gamesaktuell has proved to be in vain. No details about the new GTA 5 is reported. But his comic previews OXM scored, which is hard to make out, where fact and where exaggeration or joke. However, this information may be of interest to those who follow the GTA 5, but we don't suggest that you perceive it too close to my heart.

-Players will be able to explore the underwater world of the game, ordering tour submersible;
-The game will be pedestrians criminals and crazy drivers who can easily crush the protagonist (it was in previous GTA);
-Examining the wildlife, you will encounter in the woods of a convicted felon;
-Kukuruzniki to fly over the fields;
From Los Santos to the mountain Čilliad can be reached by train;
-Climb to the VINEWOOD sign-illegally. It can attract the attention of cops;
-Can be found on the beaches, lifeguards (their rigs we've seen in the first trailer);
Maybe lightning will strike and the hero;
-Entry to the military base ensures instant getting of higher level tracking;
-As in GTA 4, you'll have hot dogs to replenish health.
-At the bottom of the sea, you'll find the victims crashed aircraft with weapons and drugs (kind of like a joke, but you never know ...);
-Heroes of might be able to jump with a parachute in the scuba-gear;
-Jump to the roof of a moving train could lead to tracing level.

P.S.: Oh, and at E3 GTA 5 will not show. This someone doubted?
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