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The new portion of the best videos from fans of GTA V

11 May 2015
Video "world of opportunity"created by the 21ST, shows a shiny Editor features and beautiful pictures from the life of the city.

Super clown " — thanks to remember the story and impressive cinematography, clown-killer has never looked so beautiful.

"Perfume from Trevor" is already an experienced team, otsnâvšaâ a great video on GTA again has pleased us. Both literally and figuratively. Promotional video showing all the "amenities" perfume from Trevor will make anyone smile. The videos are probably all classic cliché commercials toilet water.

"Silver coin" is a collaboration between musician Gavin ûtuberom Dènzom N′ûzom and This allowed shoot stunning movie with catchy song, which tells the story of a middle-aged crisis of any offender. Even Mike enjoyed it!

"The search" is a video about a cool girl-time. Here is everything-the heist, shootout with the police, the Chase, even skydiving and hijacking. All this is spiced well developed slow-motion. In General, we recommend you look was really good.

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