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GTA V pack Mods for GTA 5

29 May 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 GTA V pack Mods for GTA 5
This pack required: ScriptHookV .NET

Press Numpad 0: start/stop the engine
Press Numpad 1: include-Pan/Tilt left
Press Numpad 2: turn on hazard lights
Press Numpad 3: insert the right pan/tilt
Press Numpad 4: remove/return back the left glass
Press Numpad 6: remove/return back the right glass
Press Numpad 7: remove/return front left windshield
Press Numpad 9: remove/return front right glass
Press Numpad 5 (in the car): turn on/off lighting in the cabin
Press Numpad 5 (outside the car): turn the alarm in the last poseŝënnom car
Press Numpad 8 (in the car): specials. signals
Press Numpad 8 (outside the car): close the last visits car

Hold R then release to jump. The longer you hold the higher you will jump (until you reach maximum height).

Native Trainer:
F4 enable trainer
Num2//4 8/6 navigate menus (numlock should be included)
Num5 select
Num9/3 speed car
NUM + use rocket

Customize The Plate:
key +/=-character input menu
Enter key-character replacement

Swat Team:
F3 to SWAT spavna

In the left bottom corner of

Ped Prop Randomize for GTA 5:
U is the change in appearance.
I is the random appearance.
O is the standard look of the character.

Control helmet v0.2 for GTA 5:
; -remove the helmet and disable its appearance;
]-toggle helmets;
'-return the helmet;
\-the texture of the helmet.

Realtime (V):
In your GTA 5 would go hours of computer time to suit you have on the clock 18:23 the game is tonight!

Nice Fly 1.0
enable/disable mod-key Numpad 0
flight-jumping hold down S.

Lamar Gunner:
CTRL + I-open menu
Page Up/8-up
Page Down/2-down
E-switch operating modes (manual, automatic).

Bodyguard Menu 1.0:
The Office.
To activate the menu, press the "End". The numpad keys to navigate and spavna bodyguards.

Police Mod:
The F4 key to open/close the menu.
Press Numpad 2, Numpad, Numpad 4 6 and Numpad 8-menu navigation.
Press Numpad 5 and Space-selection/confirmation.
Press Numpad 0 and BackSpace-close/return to the previous menu.

Hostile pedy:
-U key: spavn hostile PEDA.

Ambulance Mini-Missions 0.7.1:
First you have to get into an ambulance or medical helicopter, then press "2" to start the mission.

Object Spooner:
Office: F8-to open the menu to choose the NumPad
The "back" or "exit" from the menu button performs num0 fashion
To zaspavnennyj vehicles was traveling to in the mod options (extra settings) disable the freeze on spawn.

Max Upgrade Cars:
Zatûningovat′ allows you to make the most of any transportation, press ALT.

The LUA script requires a plugin, it comes in an Assembly ScriptHookV .NET

Open All Interiors 1.0:
With this script you can visit all private buildings of the city: police stations, hospitals, various boutiques, home, apartment, jewelry shops, etc. There is a possibility of their robberies. In the buildings of the FIB added functioning elevators.
Sometimes it is a bug that the character can slip through the door.

Deadly Car Doors Mod v1.0:
The game mod adds the ability to use the door as "weapons", instantly their opening key (K) (Eng). You can also open the doors, hood, trunk in nearby cars.

Interior Teleports:

NUMPAD-move in the menu.

Gravity Gun v1.5:
MOD adds to the game gravity gun. To use the aim of èlektorošokera the desired and press the E key.

Mod: mayhem (the site I added)
NUMPAD (-) open/close menu control
The control menu:
NUMPAD 2 and 8 to move up/down
NUMPAD 4 and 6 choose the option
NUMPAD 5 to switch on/off
To activate:
Select-Active: Enabled

Fishing for GTA 5. The modification allows you to engage in fishing.
To do this, you must:
-to get to a place of catching (the location is in the video)
-Press F5 (can be changed in Fishing.ini)
-catch you can sell (the location is in the video)

Journey to the North: Yankton
Modification is a flight to Northern Yankton.
To start you will get to the airport,
After the flight, your character will not be empty (as it was in the early mods) town, and already in the vibrant.
The Interior of the Bank was also changed, now it will look like after the robbery

Slow Motion/Bullet Time Toggle v1.0
-Mod adds to the game time deceleration function, there is also a private setting deceleration during aiming and driving. The mod is suitable for creating beautiful and spectacular screenshots.
Activation: "Y"
Pack author: DaN163163RUS Downloads: 4847 Comments: 1
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