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Additional mission of GTA Vice City

25 January 2015
If you get tired of working for the mafia, you can work as a taxi driver, police or medical professional! And you will never reach 100% of their passing game if you're not completely fulfill these missions. In addition you'll find nice bonus! And a few hours of fun. It's so great, shoot from a tank in the town or flying on Hunter'e, catch criminals.

Police-shooting criminals (Vidžiliante) to start the mission needs to sit in the police car and follow the instructions. By the way, you can still perform this mission: FBI, tank cars, military helicopter APACHE.
Level-12 levels, you cannot be outside the machine for a long time.
Bonus armor will be 150.

Medic delivery wounded people to the hospital.
Level-12 levels, you cannot leave the vehicle.
Bonus-if you do not have to run a rest (you never tired).

Fire-extinguishing burning machines.
Level-12 levels, you cannot leave the vehicle.
Bonus-you will become a fire proof! In a sense, you're not going to burn if you use flame throwers, embarrassing truth from explosions in a car this bonus does not save!

Taxi driver-passenger Razvozi where requested.
Level-diluted 100 passengers, you can immediately, but as necessary. the number of razvezennyh-see in the statistics.
Bonus-when you press SHIFT-car taxi would be fun to bounce!

Other missions

The delivery of the ice-cream-This mission becomes available after you buy the ice cream factory. In gruzoviček Mr. Whoopee and pressing SHIFT drive in crowded places and sell ice cream! But the more you sell, the more ice cream you're privlečeš′ the attention of the police and gangsters.
Level-sell 50 servings without leaving the car.
Bonus-factory will bring dDohod.

Delivery of Pizza-Pizza take scooter Near the Pizza Boy and razvozi pizza customers!
Level-12 levels, at a time.
Bonus-health will be 150.
Technology you need without having to go with Scooter, press "Look Left", or "Look Right", then click "Fire" zapul′nut′ pizza to a customer. Not only the pistol!

The hijacking of cars in the underground garage showroom Solar cabinets have a garage, it hangs a list of machines, bring them all out and auto show will bring dDohod!
Bonus-when you bring all the machines on the list (list 4 pieces) the motor will cool Pimp!

The first list:
Landstalker-the Landstalker (jeep)
Rancher-Rancher (another jeep)
Blista Compact-Blista compact
Income: $ 1,500
Bonus Car: Deluxo-Delûkso

The second list:
Sentinel-The Time
Stretch-Streč′ (limousine)
Income: $ 4,000
Bonus Car: Sabre Turbo

The third list:
Banshee Banshee
Comet-The Comet
Income: $ 6500
Bonus: Sand machine King-Sandy King

The fourth list:
Voodoo-Voodoo Auto (Haitian machine)
Damned-Cuban Hermes
Caddy-Caddy (Golf-machine)
Baggage-baggage (the baggage razvozčik)
Mr. Whoopee-Mr. Vuppi
Pizza Boy-Pizza Boy
Income: $ 9,000
Bonus: HotRing Racer-Car Racer Hotringa.

Assistance to police-after seeing a police officer chasing a guy, you can earn easy $ 50! Just hit his fist evader and title of a GOOD CITIZEN, you already have. You can beat a few times.

The bus driver, the bus Hijacking, just drive around the city and stop near a bus stop icons wait until dweller sits in the bus. For each passenger $ 5, you get a nice little thing! If you ob″edeš′ the entire Vice City, you get a nice bonus!
economic deprivation hidden packages-Collecting hidden packages you get not only weapons, but also the tank, and even military helicopter, which can be obtained by collecting all 100 hidden packages (that look like green Indian statue). Here is a comprehensive list of what will be at your disposal when you gather a certain number of idols:

10-body armor
30-revolver "Python"
50-caliber sniper rifle with a telescopic sight
60-M-60 machine gun
80-copter "Sea Sparrow"
90-tank "Rhino"
100 helicopter Hunter and $ 100,000

The first seven bonuses will appear in three places: in your hotel room Ocean View (your first den); the estate after the death of Angel Diaz; on the roof of the condominium Hymen, in the Downtown. After you gather 80 packages, berthed next to the former alone Díaz appears unique helicopter "Sea Sparrow", which can land on water, and with some skill and play the role of subs. Collecting 90 packages, you will be able to accommodate the tank "Rhino", who will be waiting for you at the military base just north of the airport Èksobar. There you will find a veritable killing machine, a game similar to Apache helicopters-"Hunter", with which you will be able to destroy hundreds of police, soldiers and civilians. Well, one hundred thousand dollars is not Pocket tourniquet.
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