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Collection of fan: GTA VC output PS3 (PSN) in Europe

1 February 2015
For GTA Vice City for PS3 (PSN) in Europe has more than 10 years since the appearance of the first ports of the game. It is only natural that the gameplay and graphic component there was no significant difference with the new platform, not allowing to realize its full potential. In spite of this, the port of the game enjoyed high popularity among fans of the genre, but some players expressed their bewilderment at the thematic forums.

Waiting for the release of GTA VC port to PS3 (PSN)

The use of fantasy players, announced on the game forums, would create hundreds of alternative worlds of Vice City for PlayStation 3. Some assumptions were really implemented, because the high level of demand for the game in many respects is conditioned by the fact that the developers Rockstar listen to wishes of its fans.

One of the reliable assumptions-HD-republication of existing technical capacities of PS2 Classic has been implemented. In particular, developers had to substantially revise the RenderWare engine game to sync with programmatic and technical component of PSN and PS3 platforms.

The official output of PS3 GTA VC in Europe

Traditionally, the actual release date of "blurred", due to the abundance of guesswork and use unreliable sources. Online most often as the date of release in Europe referred to January 29, 2013. It is not entirely true and refers to events in North America. The actual date of release of GTA Vice City for PS3 (PSN) in Europe is 30 January.

The game was a symbolic price is just under $ 10. The low cost and the huge number of fans of the genre were the causes of the enormous demand. Millions of developers and publishers have joined the banks in a tidy sum.

To date, difficult to find official information on one of the most discussed issues-compliance with age restrictions imposed by the BBFC, OFLC, PEGI. It's hard to say how much was a 18 + "with the developed infrastructure of the Internet, the availability of Linux distributions and the popularity of the criminal world of GTA.
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