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MI-34 for GTA Vice City

MI-34 for GTA Vice City
 Ми-34 for GTA Vice City miniature 1  Ми-34 for GTA Vice City miniature 2  Ми-34 for GTA Vice City miniature 3  Ми-34 for GTA Vice City miniature 4
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Published on 13 November 2014

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MI-34 (NATO codification: Hermit, "Hermit") is a multi-role helicopter. The first prototype of the MI-34 helicopter first flew November 17, 1986 year (test pilot Savinov b. c.) was designed as a light Helicopter training helicopter to replace the used for helicopters MI-1 and Mi-2. Started production of small series Arsen′evskom helicopters aviation plant with subsequent modifications to the COST CENTER. Several helicopters were purchased by the Moscow police. Also supplied in Kazakhstan and Nigeria, more than 20 pieces [1] from 22 June to July 7, 2007 our team by helicopter to Sports Team consisting of Michael HeliRussia and Yuri Kazačkovyh, with the support of the oboronprom and holding "Russia helicopters" has prepared and conducted a unique European tour: for the first time in the history of Russian athletes at the MI-34 and took Prize-winning places in the National Championships, three European countries: Great Britain, Italy and France.
Converter:  Тарасевич
Model to replace: Sparrow
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