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Codes (cheats) for GTA San Andreas. All codes for cars, money, weapons

To enable cheat codes for GTA San Andreas need to be administered during the game. Also, the game can be paused by pressing the ESCAPE key on your keyboard and enter the code easy.

Introducing codes for GTA San Andreas, note that if at the time the code CJ travels by car: - As in input to the game code contains the letter "F", it just jumps out of the car; - You enter the code "CPKTNWT - blow all cars", then your character will explode with the car. Below is a full list of codes for San Andreas:

Codes for weapons, health, armor and money

LXGIWYL = Guns 1, for fans

KJKSZPJPROFESSIONALSKIT = Guns 2, for professionals

UZUMYMW = Guns 3, for crazies

HESOYAM = full health, armor, and $ 250.000

BAGUVIX = CJ immortal = Semi-Infinite Health

CVWKXAM = Unlimited turbo


FULLCLIP, WANRLTW = infinite ammo

Codes on skins, police attention, status

OSRBLHH, TURNUPTHEHEAT = Increase Wanted Level on 2 stars

ASNAEB, TURNDOWNTHEHEAT = Remove wanted level

AEZAKMI = CJ never get caught

LJSPQK, BRINGITON = Six Star Wanted Level

BTCDBCB = CJ thick


KVGYZQK = CJ skinny

OGXSDAG, WORSHIPME = CJ have maximum respect


VKYPQCF = Max Stamina

NCSGDAG, PROFESSIONALKILLER = CJ a maximum level of all weapons

VQIMAHA, NATURALTALENT = CJ have maximum control over transport

Spawn Cars

AIWPRTON - tank Rhino
cheat on tank Rhino GTA San Andreas
CQZIJMB - Bloodring Banger
cheat on Bloodring Banger GTA San Andreas
PDNEJOH - Hotring Racer 73
cheat on Hotring Racer 73 GTA San Andreas
VPJTQWV - Hotring Racer 07
cheat on Hotring Racer 07 GTA San Andreas
cheat on Romero GTA San Andreas
KRIJEBR - Stretch
cheat on Stretch GTA San Andreas
UBHYZHQ - Trashmaster
cheat on Trashmaster GTA San Andreas
RZHSUEW - golfcar Caddy
cheat on golfcar Caddy GTA San Andreas
AKJJYGLC - Quadbike
cheat on Quadbike GTA San Andreas
AMOMHRER - Tanker Truck
cheat on Tanker Truck GTA San Andreas
cheat on Dozer GTA San Andreas
AGBDLCID - Monster
cheat on Monster GTA San Andreas


Коды на самолеты

JUMPJET - airplane Hydra
cheat on airplane Hydra GTA San Andreas
OHDUDE - helicopter Hunter
cheat on helicopter Hunter GTA San Andreas
URKQSRK - Stunt Plane
cheat on Stunt Plane GTA San Andreas


Cheats on boats in San Andreas

KGGGDKP - Vortex Hovercraft
cheat on Vortex Hovercraft GTA San Andreas

JQNTDMH = spawn Rancher

AFZLLQLL = sunny weather

ICIKPYH = Very sunny weather

ALNSFMZO = Cloud weather

AUIFRVQS = Rainy weather

CFVFGMJ = Foggy weather

YSOHNUL = Fast hours

PPGWJHT = Quick Play

LIYOAAY = Slow Play

AJLOJYQY = People beat each other golf clubs

BAGOWPG = Have a bounty on your head

FOOOXFT = All armed

CPKTNWT = Blow up all cars

XICWMD = invisible cars

PGGOMOY = ideal control

SZCMAWO = Suicide

ZEIIVG = Traffic lights always green

YLTEICZ = Agresinvye drivers

LLQPFBN = Pink traffic

IOWDLAC = Black traffic

AFSNMSMW = Flying boats

ASBHGRB = Elvises everywhere

BGLUAWML = People will attack you with a weapon

CIKGCGX = party on the beach

MROEMZH = gang members everywhere

BIFBUZZ = control over the streets


BEKKNQV = Girls ... ;)

BGKGTJH = On the streets of SA only cheap car

GUSNHDE = On the streets of SA only expensive cars

RIPAZHA = Flying cars

JHJOECW = Huge Bunny Hop

JCNRUAD = Smash n' Boom

COXEFGU = All cars have nitro

BSXSGGC = Cars fly off in a collision

XJVSNAJ = Midnight

OFVIAC = Orange Sky 21:00

MGHXYRM = storm


LFGMHAL = Mega jump

AIYPWZQP = You have parachute

YECGAA = You have jetpack

IAVENJQ = Mega hit

AEDUWNV = you do not know the word "hunger"

IOJUFZN = Riot Mode

PRIEBJ = Funhouse Theme

OUIQDMW = Full guided weapons in the car

THGLOJ = abbreviated motion

FVTMNBZ = All machines of the countryside

SJMAHPE = Recruitment any (9mm)

BMTPWHR = All cars and people from rural areas

ZSOXFSQ = Recruitment any (Rockets)

VKYPQCF = Taxi takes nitro

AGRUXVHIQYH - run your glamor in San Andreas, now all cars pink!

AGRUJRYMNOL - felt sad, like mourning? Now all the cars black.

BUBBLECARS - at the slightest touch of your car other cars lose weight.

NIGHTPROWLER - enable endless night over the state will yearn.

CRAZYTOWN - all are lunatics

NATURALTALENT - all your skills are pumped up to maximum settings

Tips for using codes in the game:

Nevertheless, we recommend not to get too carried away codes as the game progresses. Try to run the game and maintained without codes. Only in this case, having the game entirely, you can proudly say that you are a true player who is not afraid to meet the realities of the gameplay alone.

But if you decide to just to have fun and upload your favorite store only to make a few clicks to get a coveted set of weapons and rush into battle conquering territory from Ballas, then these cheats only benefit you.

Also for often just nice to fly on the plane on the vast state in good weather, but the law of meanness as evil in the game in the rain or in the sky, high clouds. But no matter, because there is a code for sunny weather - AFZLLQLL, which will fly your fighter Hydra in clear sight or try on a huge cargo Andromada maneuver between skyscrapers.

interrupted all the neighboring gangs and bored? Love it and just type - BGLUAWML. This code is set on you all the surrounding pedestrians and just to spite you, they will be armed to the teeth. Believe me, the frenzied crowd of ordinary people will be far more dangerous than the gang of 5 people.