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Freeride Mafia II recollection for Mafia II

13 July 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Freeride Mafia II воспоминание for Mafia II
Author:  zahar999
Author`s site:
Freeride for the main version of the game
Open all the locations of the main plot
4 types of hand-to-hand combat (truncheon, baseball bat, knife) + style fights Joe (100%)
change almost all characters "action" on the porch of a house in Grinfilde
animation for toilets in all houses
the actual opening of doors in homes and garages are opening + garages have Bruski and hangar Derek
the House Joe can be used car selection menu 2 's garage
be careful! the button "open the gate" and "open garage" sometimes intersect
change weather: sleep near beds + (will run animation awakening) or options/settings
manage all doors workshops "action" on the left side

main menu/download/Mafia II chapter Epilog
After saving in FR/main menu to continue

start of Freeride in Random House
selection options:
homes in rooms
in Joe's apartment at the mirror
Vinci mansion near the fireplace
in house Galante room where a large fireplace
in house Galante available 7 Preview "action" scenes of salvation Leo
do not use the weather change House Galante! (an error of heaven)
in the options of the vehicle there is a button "Mafia II" is used to reload the FR!
a separate call Joe and Henry!
After visiting the locations and when you restart the FR "Mafia II" Joe and Henry deactivated
call them back to click in the options the car "friends"

Visit locations!
bar "the Maltese Falcon" and "Tong" headquarters you can watch scenes from the game
"Misery lane at exit (even if the door is open), press the" exit "key to reload FR
"Distillery" working elevator (4 floors)
After visiting the restart FR "Mafia II"
do not visit "Distillery" and "Misery lane to avoid conflicts!

apartment Maria Sant'agnello (summer only)
After visiting the restart FR "Mafia II"

You can download the enemies (Italians, Irish, Chinese, by suicide)
different enemies are loaded in different places (summer only)
After the battle, restart the FR "Mafia II"

visiting Erica wait to enter arrow reaches the end
do not use the kitchen action "talk"

You can select the "Slaughterhouse" enemies + (Binns and Frankie)
If the commit action near Luke he would leave by car
sewerage (summer only) + Tony for slaughterhouses

After "construction site" on the map "navigation appears to take Joe to Èl′Greko"
take Joe to Èl′Greko to navigation disappear
then restart the FR "Mafia II"

When visiting the House Vinci if you decide to "start a quick battle" wait to reach the selection arrow end
upon exiting the location reboot FR "Mafia II"

in "market Arcades" you can climb on the roof + Shootout (Winter only)
exit "action" near the glass doors into the street

"Prison" is cooler and the room where the shearing Vito
dogfight with guards with a melee weapon
the entry "action" before the gates
the output of "action" in front of the gate inside

"Chinese restaurant (2 elevators)
exit through the black stroke or "action" in front of the main entrance inside

"" Works the right elevator up and down (press 2 times)
"action" in the lobby and at the exit to the roof (there is a loss of functions)
to return to the FR play through "Esc"/beat setting/Yes
get out of the hotel "action" near the gate through which included

"Observatory" if we use the last room (there is a loss of functions)
to return to the FR play through "Esc"/beat setting/Yes

"Auto show", you can run the "avtoènciklopediû" output "action" before the doors

"Sicily" (only in the winter) there is a loss of functions
to return to the FR play through "Esc"/beat setting/Yes
If the mission starts then exit the game to the moment when the tank fires

"Price of office" (Winter only)
wait to reach the selection arrow end
the output of "action" in front of the main entrance inside

work in summer and winter
You can call the menu without a car (find yourself a passenger in auto or auto Joe Henry)
You can invoke a menu from your car and races
wait to reach the selection arrow end

found a bug! game crashes "The Betrayal of Jimmy"
for those who use "cnt_betrayal_of_jimmy"
take the original file "rtrvez" from the Mafia II/pc/dlcs/cnt_jimmys_vendetta/sds/player
and copy it into the Mafia II/pc/dlcs/cnt_betrayal_of_jimmy/sds/player
Perform this step if you play "Betrayal of Jimmy".

to change the characters
copy the files yourself from the Mafia II/pc/sds/traffic starting from the "cbarma" and to the "driver"
copy and modify them in Mafia II/pc/sds/player
Perform this step if you want your character to the role pedestrian.

Enjoyable game!
Posted: Danis555 Downloads: 15667 Comments: 0
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