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Getting better and better!

12 July 2013
Hello everyone! Today we`ve finished the work on successive improvements of our website and we are excited to share them with You.

A greatly improved editor to add and edit the mods on the site.
We strive to make adding mods as easy as possible and today we`ve introduced some features that will further facilitate the process. The changes relate to filling in such fields as \"Make\" and \"Model\", \"Replaces\", information about the author and other fields that previously had to be filled out by hand or chosen from a long list. Now you can simply start typing a text and the editor will offer the options to You so that you can choose the one you want.

Better and better!

Also for some fields it is now possible to specify multiple options. This, for example, concerns the field \"Author\". As is well known one and the same mod could be created by several authors and we want the work of each author to be appreciated. Now with the help of this mechanism, you can find mods, which were made involving a certain author. Here\'s an example: Lexan mods. To find all these mods it is enough to click on the author`s nick on the website by mousing over a screenshot of the mod:

Better and better!

Optimized import into IMG archives of GTA Games.
Through the use of new and improved import algorithms the place in the archive is used much more efficiently. The game no longer crashes when a lot of mods are installed, and the file size is growing much more slowly.

Added support for RPF archives of GTA 4!
We have added to our installers the opportunity to set mods that require the import of files with the *. RPF extension. These are clothing, sounds, and the skins replacement mods. Thanks to this in the near future we will have a lot of mods for clothes and sounds for GTA 4 with automatic installation! The stuff You won`t find anywhere else!

A \"Recent comments\" section appears on the right block
To track the discussion activity on the site and not to miss anything important, we added a block with the latest comments. Moreover by clicking on the \"show all\" link you`ll be able to read all the comments on the site starting with the most recent.

Getting better and better!

The rest will follow soon...
At the moment we are preparing for you another very cool improvement, however, we`re not going to tip our hand right now. But be sure that you will really like it! Still, we need some time to finalize it, so stay with us and see for yourself!

Modding games has never been this easy!
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