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Autumn update of

14 November 2014
Autumn update of

Hello everyone!

The long-awaited autumn updates on are finally here! We didn`t sit back doing nothing, but prepared for you some small but pleasant little things.

1. Improved page navigation

Autumn update of

Navigating through different pages of one section became much more convenient! Now you can go directly to any page using the scroll bar, and quickly load the next page in this section, by clicking on the "show more" button.

2. Changed appearance of comments

Autumn update of

We have changed the apperance of comments on the site. They`ve become more informative, for example, now you can see all the positions taken by a user on the site. You also have an opportunity to evaluate comments, encouraging good ones by giving "+" and punishing bad ones with "–". In addition you can now use your own signature under the comments, which will emphasize your individuality.

3. Two new ways to earn stars

Autumn update of

Now some other ways of earning stars have become available. You can earn one star per day just visiting the site. And you'll get a star for good comments to the posts. As soon as any of your comments gets 20 pluses you will receive the award by default.

Communicate as much as you want and try to make good and helpful comments! We welcome mutual respect, comments to the point, as well as helping each other with solving questions.

4. Active Users

Many of you help to improve and develop our website. We decided it would be fair to disable ads viewing and waiting before downloading for those users who are actively involved in the life of the site. We`ve created a separate group on the site for active users. To become a member of it you have to score 50 a month.

Active users browse the site without ads, download files without waiting, and also have a special status on the site. Active user status is given for the whole next month and the remaining days in the current month in which the user has scored 50 .

Only simple visitors can become active users. Those users who hold any position (a journalist or moderator) can enjoy the benefits for active users 50 without having to score 50 .

5. Top user

Now a person who wins the monthly rating will receive a special status on the site marked by a distinctive sign until being replaced by a new winner.

6. Special highlighting of exclusive mods

Now modmakers have the opportunity to specifically highlight modifications that were created solely for our site and are our exclusives.

If you find any errors in the updates, feel free to report them in comments. We`ve already corrected some errors thanks to users who reported them.

Posted: wawilon Comments: 8
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  • CitroMan
    CitroMan Offline
     Member 473
    - +6 +
    Thats some great changes that should indeed bring more members to the community. Great job!

    Is it me or did my comment get featured?! :o I make YouTube videos. :)
    14 November 2014 19:43
  • Transformau5
    Transformau5 Offline
     Member 326
    - +2 +
    CitroMan, Is it me or did my nick get featured in your featured comment? :o
    15 November 2014 22:54
    reply to a comment CitroMan
  • chefwalk
    chefwalk Offline
     Member 25
    - +1 +
    16 November 2014 17:56
  • wawilon
    wawilon Offline
     Administrator 15415
    - +3 +
    CitroMan, This is an example of good comments wink
    19 November 2014 13:44
    reply to a comment CitroMan
  • soorya
    soorya Offline
     Member 74
    - 0 +
    but that scrolling the page numbers is annoying .
    22 November 2014 14:50
     Member 23
    - +1 +
    very nice
    27 November 2014 16:45
  • dsher-1
    dsher-1 Offline
     Member 616
    - +2 +
    nice one admin. : )
    1 December 2014 10:51
  • v_v
    v_v Offline
     Member 4
    - 0 +
    good work :)
    1 December 2015 16:17

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