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Get GTA 5 for being active on our site!

4 March 2015
Get GTA 5 for being active on our site!

February was a short month and, unfortunately, it passed without prizes and giveaways. But to make up for that in March, we are giving away 2 sets of pre-order GTA 5 for PC!

GTA 5 - is the most anticipated game of the last few years. $ 137 million was spent on creation of the game, and $ 365 million in total (including advertising and promotion). On the first day of sales of GTA 5 for game consoles, it has raised more than $ 800 million! And now it`s finally released for PC.

The pre-order set apart from GTA 5 includes another 1.2 million dollars in in-game currency, plus a bonus of $ 300,000 GTA dollars! And two lucky men from our site will get such a wonderful set by April 1 already. Maybe it'll be you! Yes, yes, just you - the one who`s reading this post.

Winners and participants, as before will be determined by the stars. Well, not like astrologers, of course. We mean other stars, those stars that are given to you for the activity on our site. [How to earn stars?]

As usual the first pre-order set of the most high-budget game of all time will be given to the most active member of the site, i.e. to the user who will have earned more stars than others by the end of the month.

The second set will be randomly raffled off among all the users, who will have earned at least 50 stars during the month. The prize draw will be held on 1 April.

To follow all the news of our site follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook!

P.S. For video of the prize draw in January click here: Lottery for January 2015.

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  • Hawzerstar
    Hawzerstar Offline
     Member 43
    - +3 +
    Nice, it would be awesome to win a copy.
    7 March 2015 21:10
  • TheR3MAK3RbG
    TheR3MAK3RbG Offline
     Member 169
    - +2 +
    Ok,awesome news beer
    8 March 2015 04:00
  • Бабайка
    Бабайка Offline
     Journalist 9791
    - 0 +
    Good luck in the contest! beer
    8 March 2015 17:46
  • makarova2015
    makarova2015 Offline
     Member 39
    - +1 +
    I Want Win beer
    8 March 2015 20:33
  • jokshi
    jokshi Offline
     Member 105
    - +1 +
    It is great to have a PC copy of this game! serious
    9 March 2015 14:04
  • jokshi
    jokshi Offline
     Member 105
    - +1 +
    Бабайка, Thanks ! bigsmile
    9 March 2015 14:05
    reply to a comment Бабайка
  • dsher-1
    dsher-1 Offline
     Member 618
    - +1 +
    26 March 2015 03:28

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