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March winners for GTA 5 giveaway!

2 April 2015
March winners for GTA 5 giveaway!

March is over, and so is the draw of two sets of pre-order Grand Theft Auto 5!

Babayka again was the best user scoring as much as in 1366 and therefore the first set, as promised goes to him as leader of the monthly ranking!

The second set was raffled off on April 1 at 18:00 Moscow time at random using the site. Lady Luck this time smiled on Vovan244, and we whole heartedly congratulate him!

Here's a video with the draw game:

We are sure that GTA 5 will become legendary and that`s why in April we decided to give away another copy of the game. This time, not a pre-order version, but a regular one without any additional bonuses.

As an experiment, we want to draw a lottery under a new scheme. In April there will be only one prize (GTA 5 game) and your chances to win will depend on your activity on the site, i.e., on the number of the stars earned. To be able to take part in the draw You will need to score only 30 and for every 30 you will receive an additional "lottery ticket" and your name will be listed once again. Assuming that You score 317 , then you will have 10 lottery tickets and your name will be written 10 times in the list, which will increase the probability of your nickname winning! If you manage to earn another 13 , then you will have 11 tickets and so on. Extra stars will be discarded.

The more stars you earn the more likely you will win! But there is a chance for all participants. We do not adjust anything and the process is handled by a random number generator.

The draw will be held on Monday, May 4 at 18:00 Moscow time.

P.S. If at the time of the draw you`ll already have a GTA 5 game, you can select another game as a prize on Steam which is of the same or lower cost.

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