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New lucky!

3 September 2015
Новые счастливчики!

Hello, friends!

Unfortunately the summer us on time arrived, waving goodbye with your hand. Autumn and have already begun to fall leaves on the trees, but there is no reason for sadness, because at held a regular Lottery and became known the names of the new lucky ones who withdrew their prizes!

For the first time for the whole duration of the us Lottery one user has won several prizes. Vovan244 by sheer luck bought game over 1200 rubles and game for 500 rubles, but the second prize he decided to kindly pass on user MrVais. Total final winners list looks like this:

Новые счастливчики!
Vovan244 gave
Новые счастливчики!
MrVais game for $ 9.95 and he chose counter-strike: Complete

Video with the draw, as usual, can be found on our Youtube Channel.

We have none will be raffling prizes! Join us and stay tuned!

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