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Tarakan3000 Mods Pack for Minecraft

13 May 2015
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 Tarakan3000 Mods Pack for Minecraft
This pack required: Forge for Minecraft
Well, I've added all the fashion, with whom I played in 1.5.2. I played with them last year, and to the present day. Little bugs, lags, and generally just great mods. Now, adding all their (in the sense that I play) fashion at the site I decided to create a park.

A brief description of the mods:

1. The Ether-mod on Paradise.
2. Lots of Food and lots of, lots of food.
3. Lamb Chop-2-go fashion wasn't enough, and had to add a mod on the lamb.
4. Desert the Cotton Plant-new plant: cotton.
5. Useful Storage-block natural charcoal, charcoal block, hay.
6. Paste the Redstone-sticky red dust
7. More Furnaces-more stoves.
8. The Twiligght Forest-a new dimension of Duskwood.
9. Ancient tree root-new block: dried roots.
10. Miner's Heaven Mod-new world-mining.
11. Weee! Flowers! -more colors.
12. Easy Crafting Mod-new Workbench, which shows all objects that can be created on it.
13. Glowstone Wire-possibility of glowing dust.
14. Tintend Lamps-colored bulbs.
15. Redstone Jukebox-electric player.
16. Biblio Craft-many decorative blocks.
17. Atum: a Journey Into The Sands-new dimension: Sandy.
18. the Waste Land-new world: the lost land.
19. The Inventory Tweaks-sorted stock/trunk in one click.
20. Lava Boat-MOD adds the boat that floats on the lava, and fortified the boat.
21. Camping Mod-all for a hike!
Pack author: AlexGr02 Downloads: 1727 Comments: 0
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