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Travel By Boat 2.2 for TES V Skyrim

2 December 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Travel By Boat - Путешествие на лодке 2.2 for TES V Skyrim
Required patch Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification.
This mod required: SKSE for TES V: Skyrim
Author:  Joubarbe
For all travelers who do not use fast travel, this mod makes it possible to swim in the rivers of Skyrim by boat.
You will find two directions: East and West, each point is a boat, which can be reached in 15 different places. There is also a third track to the North. It is a bit different, because in the real time mode takes you from Solit′ûda to Ingola and back to the mound.
West: an abandoned hut, Hovel, Morfal, Player krabolova, Dragon bridge, the Kartvasten and the Utesnaâ cave.
East: Ingola Mound, Person, "Patty", Sawmill's, Rivervud, sawmill, Lunate Ajvarsted and Last.
For more information, see a map included in the archive.
While traveling, you will face different situations presented in the form of Windows Messaging with multiple elections, and depending on your equipment.
Remember that before any trip, you need to unhook the boat from the dock, unleashing the rope.

Features: (also see the help section within the game itself)
-A small start animation before departure. Fast travel will start after a few seconds (this is very difficult to recreate the journey of the Rapids, rocks and waterfalls).
-Upon arrival, you will receive a report on the visit. Demonstrates several key events, depending on whether you have a rescue set, otherwise you can be arrested for River guardians and impose a fine of 1000 septimov.
-Vendors have set in Vajtrane rescue ("Garcuûŝaâ Mare"-Bernard), Solit′ûde (docks, boat-Brunei), Vindhel′me (docks, leaning against the wall-Bruno) and Morfale (outside, leaning against the wall-Agata). They cost about 600 septimov (low Oratory and no mods). They are also sometimes available in the taverns.
-There is a chance to use a set of on a journey, because of the many rapids and stremnin in Skajrime. 20% chance, you choose to gamble or pay for inventory ...
-You do not need to explore the location in which you are travelling. Maybe it will be in a future release, but for now I have zaskriptoval all the conditions.
-You may not use the boat if you in battle.
-In each location is a small lamp that allows you to quickly find tied the boat.


Some of the markers on the map have been renamed, there should be no problems. LItemFoodInnCommon (tier thing) changed. However, I did the custom of merchants if any of your other mods to edit this object.
All other entries were created for the purposes of this fashion, so that it is compatible with all until proven otherwise...
The mod has been tested with Solitude Docks District and Expanded Towns and Cities without any problems.

Known issues:
Thank Pushkatu: "If you got drunk, using mod Realistic Needs and Diseases, you fall. This animation can upset the boat trip, and your character will get stuck in a strange position, and maybe the game will crash. "
Your horse may appear in a strange place (in water, for example).
For a reason that I can't explain, FoV can sometimes change during the trip. This may be due to my fashion, at the start of a new game it is not.
Sometimes the boat does not recover his position, especially after the accidents. Save and reboot, it will solve the problem. Download your game always resets the position of the boat.

Translated: EXGRAN
Posted: EXGRAN Downloads: 1446 Comments: 0
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