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Dragon Age Origin Blood Magic for TES V Skyrim

30 May 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Dragon Age Origin Blood Magic for TES V Skyrim
Required patch Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification.
Author:  gshinji
Adds a few blood magic spells from the game Dragon Age Origins
The blood mage is a student of forbidden ancient magic that depends less on mana than on the pure
essence of life. Their spells are ugly weapons, but powerful in the extreme, able to control the
wills of others. (Dragon Age: Origin Manual)

Blood Magic: While active all spells cost zero magicka to cast but your health will drain while
casting spells. Cast Blood Magic again to deactive the effect. Also when active you'll have access
to other blood magic spells. All vanilla healing spells and potions only have 10% effectiveness while in Blood Magic mode.

Blood Sacrifice: Takes 50 health points from your ally and restores 100 health points to you.

Blood Wound: Does 100 points of health damages to your enemies and paralyze them for 10 seconds.

Blood Control: Makes an enemy your ally for 20 seconds.

Blood Slave: Makes an enemy your ally for 20 seconds. If target dies while under blood slave effect target explodes doing 75% health damage

Grave Robber: Self aoe spell that heals 10% health from each nearby enemies/corpses and does 100% max hp damage back at them.
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