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How powerful your computer?

Welcome to! - is a site where you can find thousands of modifications to a variety of games and easily install them into the game thanks to the fully automatic installation.

At the moment, our website contains modifications for 18 games:


GTA San Andreas

GTA Vice City

World Of Tanks

TES V: Skyrim

Fallout New Vegas

Counter-Strike Source

Counter Strike 1.6

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Farming Simulator 2013





Professional Farmer 2014


Farming Simulator 2015


Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven


Mafia II


Spintires DEMO 2013


Spintires 2014

Any mod from our site can be downloaded as an automatic installer that does all the work on mod installation for you. You just need to specify the path to the game (read more).

Auto mod installers are also available at and they were made by us either, but starting from 2012 they are no longer supported by us. Older installers of the 2nd version have the following design:

and contain quite a few errors, which often lead to the game crash, so we, as developers of MODInstall program, strongly recommend that you do not use the installers of the 2nd version to install mods into the game.

Our new installers of the 3rd version look like this:

and differ greatly from the old version. They were created from scratch taking into account all the errors of the 2nd version. Automatic installation has now become more stable and does not damage the game files as well as correctly deletes mods when needed. Moreover, the installers contain a number of functional differences that you will surely enjoy. A complete list of changes is in the table below:

show the difference between the new and the old installer.

To simplify installation, modification, you can also install our program Mod Manager, which allows you to store all mods ever installed by you and quickly enable or disable any of them. (Read more →)

March winners for GTA 5 giveaway!

2 April 2015
March winners for GTA 5 giveaway!

March is over, and so is the draw of two sets of pre-order Grand Theft Auto 5!

Babayka again was the best user scoring as much as in 1366 and therefore the first set, as promised goes to him as leader of the monthly ranking!

The second set was raffled off on April 1 at 18:00 Moscow time at random using the site. Lady Luck this time smiled on Vovan244, and we whole heartedly congratulate him!

Here's a video with the draw game:

We are sure that GTA 5 will become legendary and that`s why in April we decided to give away another copy of the game. This time, not a pre-order version, but a regular one without any additional bonuses.

As an experiment, we want to draw a lottery under a new scheme. In April there will be only one prize (GTA 5 game) and your chances to win will depend on your activity on the site, i.e., on the number of the stars earned. To be able to take part in the draw You will need to score only 30 and for every 30 you will receive an additional "lottery ticket" and your name will be listed once again. Assuming that You score 317 , then you will have 10 lottery tickets and your name will be written 10 times in the list, which will increase the probability of your nickname winning! If you manage to earn another 13 , then you will have 11 tickets and so on. Extra stars will be discarded.

The more stars you earn the more likely you will win! But there is a chance for all participants. We do not adjust anything and the process is handled by a random number generator.

The draw will be held on Monday, May 4 at 18:00 Moscow time.

P.S. If at the time of the draw you`ll already have a GTA 5 game, you can select another game as a prize on Steam which is of the same or lower cost.

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Get GTA 5 for being active on our site!

4 March 2015
Get GTA 5 for being active on our site!

February was a short month and, unfortunately, it passed without prizes and giveaways. But to make up for that in March, we are giving away 2 sets of pre-order GTA 5 for PC!

GTA 5 - is the most anticipated game of the last few years. $ 137 million was spent on creation of the game, and $ 365 million in total (including advertising and promotion). On the first day of sales of GTA 5 for game consoles, it has raised more than $ 800 million! And now it`s finally released for PC.

The pre-order set apart from GTA 5 includes another 1.2 million dollars in in-game currency, plus a bonus of $ 300,000 GTA dollars! And two lucky men from our site will get such a wonderful set by April 1 already. Maybe it'll be you! Yes, yes, just you - the one who`s reading this post.

Winners and participants, as before will be determined by the stars. Well, not like astrologers, of course. We mean other stars, those stars that are given to you for the activity on our site. [How to earn stars?]

As usual the first pre-order set of the most high-budget game of all time will be given to the most active member of the site, i.e. to the user who will have earned more stars than others by the end of the month.

The second set will be randomly raffled off among all the users, who will have earned at least 50 stars during the month. The prize draw will be held on 1 April.

To follow all the news of our site follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook!

P.S. For video of the prize draw in January click here: Lottery for January 2015.

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The winners of the Christmas giveaways!

16 January 2015
Победители новогодней лотереи!

Congratulations on all the holidays! We hope, that you had well a rest for those days and gained force and new impressions!

We are on holidays is not sitting idly by and moved the site to a new server. Now we are ready to accept much more visitors and store even more interesting new versions! But, unfortunately, quite forgot let down for you results of December and new year sweepstakes! Correct this situation!

Three leaders of December is as follows:

Babajka decided to pick up the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 collector's Bundle,

Dimmka223 chose Spintires,

and ser222sav went to the rest of the game Mafia II: Digital Deluxe Edition!

The user byShein has kindly agreed to hold on to his channel broadcast the draw of 5-minute games that we promised to play out among all the visitors, who have scored at least 25 in December. and broadcast took place on January 5 in 17:00.

List of winners:

tony333 got the L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition

Adarshnion is the winner of the counter-strike Complete

Sanek_Pro1_Main399 othapal Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack

666Dan won the Euro Truck Simulator 2-Gold Bundle

and EnderMainer went to Spin Tires

The draw was conducted using the site . were randomly generated 5 digits numbers users. here's a translation:

Also in our group vkontakte we played 3 games:

Max Payne 3 Complete was Nikita Bardovskomu

ETS 2 Gold Bundle has left in the hands of Robert Peter

And the game Sleeping Dogs: the Definitive Edition gladly received Andrey Demidov

Stay tuned and we'll have a whole slew of goodies!

This month we wanted to play GTA 5, but since the release of GTA 5 was postponed, while we will be giving away another game.

The prize for first place in the ranking in January:

Победители января

Counter-strike: Global Offensive

Counter-strike: GO game in the genre of action (shooter, shooter). Counter Strike series of games is known all over the world and CS: GO is the latest game in the series. In the game players are divided into two teams: terrorists and special forces. Aim of the game is to command a mission or destroy all enemy fighters.

See on Steam

Among all the participants that generate at least 35 there are:

Победители января

Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack

This kit includes all the games in the series, GTA, but not yet released GTA 5. In these games, the player must feel as a criminal by such assignments and missions, like murders, bank robberies and other. Grand Theft Auto III and subsequent games in the series have become bestsellers, have received many positive reviews and the title of the best games of the year, according to various publications. By the spring of 2011, the sale of the Grand Theft Auto games worldwide exceeded 100 million copies.

See on Steam
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