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GTA SA for iOS: anniversary release for Counter Strike 1.6
GTA San Andreas for iOS now available just a year ago and later 9 years after the release of the first port. The new version of the game, "the ground" under the iOS is nothing else than the PS2 version, which was moved to the new platform.

No wonder, then, that such a massive game world could adapt for mobile platforms. However, with high features modern devices difficult to argue. Now the iOS device owners can fully enjoy high-quality 3D graphics, free gaming environment and unlimited opportunities in criminal circles in San Andreas.

Management and graphics in GTA SA for iOS
Office in the port of iOS is fully adapted for touch surfaces. It should be noted that the size here is important. Much more comfortable playing on the big screen rather than trying to get functional buttons on the small screen smartforna.
Buttons to control the game world are located in the lower and lateral part of the display. For your convenience there are 3 options for control. Those who could not cope with touch control, the good news is the fact that the port of GTA San Andreas for the iOS supported controllers type of MFI. They will connect to its gaming platform for one of the supported models joysticks.
Visualization of the gaming environment GTA SA for iOS remains high, although it is slightly inferior to the PS2 and PC versions. Difference practically invisible on the smaller screens of up to 10 inches. They notice the only experts who are constantly working on creating graphic visualizations. During the game itself "brakes" are extremely rare and mostly on slower devices or fakes. FPS rates stable.

Official release of GTA SA for iOS
The GTA series of games release dates usually are very different in different sources. However, in reviewing the TOP 10 SERPs for the iOS version on 9 of 10 sources is one and the same date-December 12, 2013 year. In this wonderful community for day users from different continents simultaneously gained access to a new version of the game.

Because of the high quality port worked it low cost and popularity of the world San Andreas buyers simply zaškalival. The average cost of installation packages averaged $ 6.

Experience the mobile world "San Andreas could happy owners of iOS devices which are equipped with A7-A5 processors. Unfortunately, the game does not support the fourth iPhone and iPod touch. Their owners had to buy new gadgets or enjoy other ports of GTA San Andreas.
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Published on 4 January 2015

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