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Do you have a game console?

Welcome to! - is a site where you can find thousands of modifications to a variety of games and easily install them into the game thanks to the fully automatic installation.

At the moment, our website contains modifications for 19 games:




GTA San Andreas

GTA Vice City

TES V: Skyrim

Fallout New Vegas

Counter-Strike Source

Counter Strike 1.6

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Farming Simulator 2013


World Of Tanks


Professional Farmer 2014


Farming Simulator 2015


Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven


Mafia II


Spintires DEMO 2013


Spintires 2014



Any mod from our site can be downloaded as an automatic installer that does all the work on mod installation for you. You just need to specify the path to the game (read more).

Auto mod installers are also available at and they were made by us either, but starting from 2012 they are no longer supported by us. Older installers of the 2nd version have the following design:

and contain quite a few errors, which often lead to the game crash, so we, as developers of MODInstall program, strongly recommend that you do not use the installers of the 2nd version to install mods into the game.

Our new installers of the 3rd version look like this:

and differ greatly from the old version. They were created from scratch taking into account all the errors of the 2nd version. Automatic installation has now become more stable and does not damage the game files as well as correctly deletes mods when needed. Moreover, the installers contain a number of functional differences that you will surely enjoy. A complete list of changes is in the table below:

show the difference between the new and the old installer.

To simplify installation, modification, you can also install our program Mod Manager, which allows you to store all mods ever installed by you and quickly enable or disable any of them. (Read more →)

This month's prizes

31 August 2015
This month's prizes

Hello world!

Also as before, this month we conduct regular raffle, but for some reason still not announced what will be up for grabs. Let's fix this mistake:)

The fact of the matter is that this month we have decided to let you, dear users. We have noticed that often after winning some games winners prefer change won the game on another. So this month the prizes will be as follows:

  • Any Steam game under 1200 roubles
  • Any Steam game under 900 roubles
  • Any Steam game under 500 roubles

Winners will be determined as before through the site

P.S. remember that we have on the site appeared a group for modmakers! Members of this group is looking at a site without advertising and download any files without waiting time. At the moment the Group has 13 users and if you know how to do mods and also want to join the group, please write to me in PM.

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The results of the July lottery

8 August 2015

Hello, friends!

Summer is in full swing and most of you are enjoying the warm, relaxing, chase the ball in the yard with friends and swim and sunbathe. Meanwhile, we spent the next lottery and played 3 games among active members of our portal!

Three lucky winners were: TapocheG , Vovan244 and crow , but the crow voluntarily generously gave his prize to another user - pepsi1 . Thus the way the list of winners ...

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New contest from!

7 July 2015
New contest from!

Hello, friends!

Every day our website incorporates more and more people. Our doors are always open for new members, as well as first-class guests. We tried to make visiting our website always brings you joy and new experiences. You can chat with like-minded, easy to install any modifications that you have to care provided modmakers thousands from around the world and themselves participate in filling our archive new works. Your activity helps us all make our site even better with each passing day. And among all the little active users each month we hold rally nice prizes!

End of June

The leader of the month was the crow, gaining as much as 1259 , up from the nearest pursuer Vovan244 only 6 . Now the whole month, he will proudly wear the best user status. And the prizes went to the following ...

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