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Vaz-2106 for GTA 5

Vaz-2106 for GTA 5
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Published on 24 July 2017

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MOD adds Vaz-2106 for GTA 5. A regular classical drove up, guys! Nabegajte and download this chic Soviet car! Model looks like the original and plays completely even small details. The texture of very high level, the author tried to fame. Salon worked out with love, you will feel it from the first minutes of stay in the cabin. Get behind the wheel of this sedan and point the horror at all. To download the free mod for GTA 5 Vaz-2106 click on the link below. The mod is installed the game automatically.
Author:  daemon1988
This mod required:
Make: ВАЗ
Model to replace: Karin Futo
Moderators: Vovan244, tima2014
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