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Any group of player 3.0 for GTA San Andreas

24 September 2013
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 Любого в группу игрока 3.0 for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas
Control keys and your actions
1. If you are not in transport, the aim of any PEDA is not far away from you and not depressing sight press key "G".
2. after which the PED will get to you in a group.
3. If you are in a vehicle, simply, without sight, before pedom without leaving the machine, press G
4. in the case of PED sits you in your transportation and of course will be in your group.
5. remember that the distance between your vehicle and there should not be much pedom great, please see the pictures below inside sgtools.
6. If you want to give your naëmnikam weapon that you have, then go to any of your mercenary and not depressing sight, click on: space.
7. followed by the sound of the game and the same weapon as you have in your hands, your hands will appear in its promises in which you were aiming.
8. If you want to disarm your contractors, then go to any of your naëmniku and press the key "X".
9. after which the mercenary weapons you come off.
1. If your mercenary from the very beginning there are guns, i.e. you didn't give it to him, the conflict with someone, it may appear again.
2. This is the result of an external script, which is responsible for the behavior of pedov but on the ride in the car is not covered.
3. Only when you go walking with such mercenaries, that is if he is in the car that he got any weapons.
4. Script may be incompatible with other cleo, particularly those that use proprietary, global variables.
Posted: RasulSin Downloads: 3013 Comments: 0
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