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GTA V HUD by DK22Pac for GTA San Andreas

2 September 2014
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 GTA V HUD by DK22Pac for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: ASI Loader for GTA San Andreas
-Rectangular radar
Strip lives, armor, and air reserve are under the radar.
-Ability to change the external plugins/scripts
-During the ride included 3D-radar
-When the game menu you select the GPS route, to build the closest path and displays it on the radar
-Squares on the radar replaced by the community
-Police are on the radar
-You can remove your wanted level, if you have 6 seconds outside the police search
-Goal scorer route disappears when you arrive at the right place
-Customizable weapon selection wheel
-Money Counter, number of rounds and star search are displayed in the upper right corner of the
-The name of the vehicle and the line displayed in the lower-right corner of the
-Together with the name of the vehicle displays the name of the transport
-Player statistics displayed in the lower-right corner of the
-Timer is displayed at the top left corner
-Customizable game menu
-Customizable cell phone
-Mobile phone shows the production time and day of the week
-Transparent menu
-The wheel of choice of radio station (radio station Selector)
-Exclusive sights for sniper rifles, a grenade launcher and camera
-Adjustable sights for weapons
-INI settings
-Flexible configuration management
-And much more ...

The condition of distribution:
You can place this file (archive) on other sites (except paid services, file sharing,
the jump in the revenue from which the file owner).
You may not include the contents of the archive into any other modification. Contact the author
(DK22Pac) for details.

Review and download the modified configuration files and textures allowed.

Working with other plugins:
It is recommended that you do not combine this plugin with other mods that replace or change the game

See the latest screenshots.

GTA SA 1.0 US version
ASI Loader или библиотека CLEO4
Posted: smalloff Downloads: 248207 Comments: 26
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If you contributed to the creation of this modification and consider that your rights have been violated, please let us know via the feedback form.
  • CitroMan
    CitroMan Offline
     Member 473
    - 0 +
    Video review from me.
    This is the best mod so far this year in my opinion.
    The long wait was totally worth it!
    This deserves our big "+"
    love I make YouTube videos. :)
    2 September 2014 18:54
  • smalloff
    smalloff Online
     Moderator Journalist Modmaker 25846
    - 0 +
    CitroMan, yes,the best mod. plus
    p.s.: video added. Внимание! Разыскиваются модераторы для проекта, стучаться в личку. При себе иметь несколько публикаций на сайте, способность грамотно излагать мысли и желание помогать проекту.
    Обучение и помощь с нашей стороны гарантируется.
    3 September 2014 13:34
    reply to a comment CitroMan
  • DonHooD
    DonHooD Offline
     Member 0
    - 0 +
    Hud is the best man , but can you explain me how to set 3# of controls, i dont know how, Thank You
    3 September 2014 15:11
  • serious_sam
    serious_sam Offline
     Member 93
    - +1 +
    AwEsOmE MOD dude pulemet

    to change gun press tab+1 or if it doesent changes press ~+1
    8 September 2014 16:36
  • Ardi
    Ardi Offline
     Member 14
    - +1 +
    please fix SA-MP Weapons bug. thanks
    8 September 2014 23:43
  • Noro3400
    Noro3400 Offline
     Member 2
    - +3 +
    How to disable weapons silector fffuuu Please reaply
    1 December 2014 00:52
  • aleko_qvrivishvili
     Member 156
    - +2 +
    howv ti use phone?
    29 March 2015 11:16
  • gabriel007
    gabriel007 Offline
     Member 6
    - -2 +
    at me it doesnt work,i have a clean gta sa ,i just instaled cleo 4.3 and asi loader (the link from requementsfrom this mod) HELPPPP
    26 April 2015 21:38
  • gabriel007
    gabriel007 Offline
     Member 6
    - +1 +
    aleko_qvrivishvili, on numpad pres the second button from right to left, upper
    26 April 2015 21:41
    reply to a comment aleko_qvrivishvili
  • gabriel007
    gabriel007 Offline
     Member 6
    - -2 +
    as in photo
    26 April 2015 21:42
  • TomMIMN
    TomMIMN Offline
     Member 146
    - 0 +
    Best. Hud. Ever! 10/10 -IGN serious pulemet punk guns
    1 May 2015 19:46
  • alpseyit
    alpseyit Offline
     Member 15
    - -1 +
    my gta sa is crashing :(
    9 July 2015 01:44
  • Riandhika
    Riandhika Offline
     Member 50
    - 0 +
    can i get only the GPS???
    19 January 2016 08:45
  • Ykko
    Ykko Offline
     Member 276
    - 0 +
    Great work. Sometimes the weapon circle doesn't work, but overall it's super.
    3 October 2016 15:33
  • umer0242
    umer0242 Offline
     Member 29
    - 0 +
    Everything is good but it is not showing purple waypoint line in mini radar and menu is not transparent.
    Can anyone Help Me???
    11 October 2016 23:23
  • Sudensas
    Sudensas Offline
     Member 11
    - 0 +
    I can't see my money, help, how can i look how much money i have?
    25 November 2016 17:09
  • AlterBlitz
    AlterBlitz Offline
     Moderator Comments moderator 1247
    - 0 +
    Sudensas, Press Middle mouse button. Contact me through PM only:
    -> If you have any Mod issues and game crashes.
    -> If you have new ideas about creating mods.
    -> If there are any moderation issues.
    15 December 2016 15:42
    reply to a comment Sudensas
  • paulchristian1525
     Member 14
    - 0 +
    Noro3400, you cant
    21 December 2016 17:37
    reply to a comment Noro3400
  • paulchristian1525
     Member 14
    - 0 +
    can someone help me where can i see the time?
    21 December 2016 17:38
  • dasdaxc123
    dasdaxc123 Offline
     Member 19
    - 0 +
    sometimes the weapons not showing and sometimes i can't select the weapons even it's showing
    6 June 2017 15:07
  • tahirkhan14
    tahirkhan14 Offline
     Member 2
    - 0 +
    7 June 2017 14:30
  • AlterBlitz
    AlterBlitz Offline
     Moderator Comments moderator 1247
    - +1 +
    dasdaxc123, It works only in Single Player, not SA-MP/MTA Contact me through PM only:
    -> If you have any Mod issues and game crashes.
    -> If you have new ideas about creating mods.
    -> If there are any moderation issues.
    8 June 2017 16:39
    reply to a comment dasdaxc123
  • Xstreem
    Xstreem Offline
     Member 3
    - 0 +
    22 July 2017 00:01
  • Jackmcloghlin
    Jackmcloghlin Offline
     Member 30
    - 0 +
    how can i switch weapons
    28 September 2017 19:26
  • rembeckidawid
    rembeckidawid Offline
     Member 12
    - 0 +
    I don't know how to change set.
    14 October 2017 10:06
  • _PaTRiot
    _PaTRiot Offline
     Member 106
    - 0 +
    rembeckidawid, press n or "(tabs top)
    26 May 2018 22:53
    reply to a comment rembeckidawid

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