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GTA V HUD v 0.925-"Next-Gen Edition" for GTA San Andreas

14 January 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 GTA V HUD v0.925 - "Next-Gen Edition" for GTA San Andreas
This mod required: ASI Loader for GTA San Andreas
Author:  DK22Pac
Author`s site:
List of changes in v 0.925
-Fixed crash when starting the game in 16-bit video mode
-Fixed bug with radar (Next-Gen version)
-Added options "bOverlayColor" and "bOverlayBlur"
-Option "bEnableStats" now works
-Other minor changes and fixes
Posted: 0v3r1ord Downloads: 415567 Comments: 22
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  • PedroMartins
    PedroMartins Offline
     Member 129
    - +1 +
    thanks for the mod!
    13 February 2015 19:33
  • PedroMartins
    PedroMartins Offline
     Member 129
    - +1 +
    hey man how i change weapons,i dont understand russian and i have an laptop
    14 February 2015 00:12
  • Vegito99
    Vegito99 Offline
     Member 32
    - +3 +
    PedroMartins, Press N,~ or the mouse wheel the menu will show up hold any of the specified buttons then use the selecting keys for e.g. if you pressed down mouse wheel then use the mouse while holding the mouse wheel and the selection buttons and weapon menu buttons are given in the 10th PIC hope it helps
    15 February 2015 13:32
    reply to a comment PedroMartins
  • PedroMartins
    PedroMartins Offline
     Member 129
    - +1 +
    Vegito99, Vegito99 thanks
    16 February 2015 06:04
    reply to a comment Vegito99
  • Karam
    Karam Offline
     Member 51
    - 0 +
    Great,But How Do I Use The Phone
    7 March 2015 14:02
  • MohamedH2O
    MohamedH2O Offline
     Member 62
    - +4 +
    Great mod ! :D
    but does it work with samp ? :p
    cuz the old gta V hud by DK22Pac made a health bug when i open weapon wheel.
    30 March 2015 23:23
  • MariosXdX
    MariosXdX Offline
     Member 14
    - +2 +
    Can I change the key whick opens the phone?? I'm using a laptop :(
    21 April 2015 11:40
  • Arsla
    Arsla Offline
     Member 13
    - 0 +
    it look cool but could you add a little text or sth that will show me how much money i have
    18 June 2015 15:18
  • Arsla
    Arsla Offline
     Member 13
    - 0 +
    oh there is money and ammo but could you move it a little bit dodn under the place where clock is supposed to be because while playing samp i cant see it well because of the clock an the servers text above, picture:
    18 June 2015 15:42
  • vegeta99999
    vegeta99999 Offline
     Member 55
    - 0 +
    HELP wanted stars not show in sa-mp i have cahnged the settings to ON sooo i can see the stars but when i kill someone the star dont light :s any help ? can i use this mod put with the normal health bar and stars bar and armour bar ?
    7 September 2015 16:03
  • Darklord64
    Darklord64 Offline
     Member 31
    - 0 +
    MariosXdX, DOnt know fuycker
    30 January 2016 02:54
    reply to a comment MariosXdX
  • KeenZ0r
    KeenZ0r Offline
     Member 20
    - 0 +
    How to move below TextDraw money because it is covered by another TextDraw from server?
    3 March 2016 20:18
  • kovidavidmodding
     Member 67
    - +1 +
    yeah,that's look good. download,install. launch the game... intro,san andreas logo, CRASH, RAGE quit. Sorry bro,does't work on my pc :(
    5 April 2016 14:05
  • AstroNutHead
    AstroNutHead Offline
     Member 64
    - 0 +
    I'm having the same problem as the guy above me.

    I had this mod previously working but when I reinstalled my game and added this mod, It keeps crashing, so I uninstalled the mod to check if its the cause of my game crashing, I was right, the game worked when I removed it.

    I had installed the Cleo 4 mod that included ASI Loader. Therefore it should have been working correctly, but it doesn't. A little help please.
    5 May 2016 17:00
  • JakeHDGaming
    JakeHDGaming Offline
     Member 93
    - 0 +
    Hi! I just wanted to say this is a great mod and all, but I just have this one issue. I tried to bring up the weapon wheel either using the ~, N, or the MMB, but nothing happens. When I also go outside while holding any of the three buttons it shows it, but I can't choose any weapon while using the mouse! -From YoBroLander
    1 July 2016 04:28
  • JakeHDGaming
    JakeHDGaming Offline
     Member 93
    - 0 +
    WAIT NVM I know it now lol -From YoBroLander
    1 July 2016 04:43
  • Leozinsky
    Leozinsky Offline
     Member 2
    - 0 +
    help i cant open the weapon wheel i press all the 3 keys and nothing appears i try a million times and nothing happens someone please help! please
    21 December 2016 17:47
  • vdani11
    vdani11 Offline
     Member 21
    - 0 +
    THX For the Mod Man!!!! Good Work!!!! smile05
    15 January 2017 16:13
  • mohamedluxor
    mohamedluxor Offline
     Member 104
    - 0 +
    MariosXdX, what is the problem,first:you can change it yes,second:you can open the phone on the laptop press:"Fn"+"NumLk",,then press on the "p" button

    what is the problem,first:you can change it yes,second:you can open the phone on the laptop press:"Fn"+"NumLk",,then press on the "p" button
    10 August 2017 16:21
    reply to a comment MariosXdX
  • jeaneliel
    jeaneliel Offline
     Member 18
    - 0 +
    great mod. the only issue i have is my game lags when i install this mod. how can i fix this.
    20 January 2018 04:07
  • mislav_dedic
    mislav_dedic Offline
     Member 2
    - 0 +
    how to open money stats in this mod i mean how can I see how much money i have without spending money
    3 June 2018 15:37
  • mislav_dedic
    mislav_dedic Offline
     Member 2
    - 0 +
    Leozinsky, just click n and hold it
    3 June 2018 15:38
    reply to a comment Leozinsky

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