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DYOM 8-Release Version for GTA San Andreas

2 February 2014
DYOM 8 - Release Version

This MOD requires: CLEO 4 for GTA San Andreas

It Has Happened! After a year and 2 days after version 7 DYOM, not the utilities, not the program, with which you can easily create their own missions in the game, the developers of this useful little things finally finished a new, 8-th version of his wonderful offspring.

"What's new?" you ask. A new enough:
● Objects-goals that you can photograph, touch, damage or destroy;
● New kinds of objects-effects (smoke, fire) and explosions (around 10-12 type);
● Animations for the player;
● 5 new types of cut-scenes from the first and third persons for the actor and the player and the shadowing on the player;
● 2 new properties of the cut-scenes-remove "widescreen" and blackout before the cut scene;
● You can now return to the locations of previous cut-scenes. Especially useful when creating dialogues;
● Import and export text for the purpose;
● New specials. goal-add or remove money player. For projects in which the plot heads. the hero buys real estate, a car, etc.
● Quick view for actors, objects and machines;
● Two new options for peak-apob-spawn after 30 seconds and 6 minutes after spawn;
● New option when opening the way for actors to expand, add path

Fixed bugs:
● Crash when using the "fire";
● Fixed hide/character actors (machines, objects, etc.) when you add/delete purposes;
• Fixed a problem in which the texts of previous mission objectives were transferred to a new mission;
● Fixed issue where skipping movement. cut scenes did not stop motion cut scenes;
● Crash when adding an actor that needs to go (run, etc.) but not add paths to it.

Authors:Dutchy3010, PatrickW

Posted: 05010513788 Downloads: 16320 Comments: 2
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