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Pack winter clothing for GTA San Andreas

31 March 2015
Automatic installation This modification can be downloaded as an automatic installer that makes it easy to install the mod into the game (more info)
 Пак зимней одежды for GTA San Andreas
Pack winter clothing for GTA San Andreas! Download will not regret! And do not forget to put the pros! Before installation, make sure that you do not have any mods on clothes!
Pack include 26 modifications:
  1. Ushanka replace MotoX Helmet
  2. New t-shirt DC replace Eris T-Shirt
  3. Gangster replace Base 5 Hood
  4. Adidas jacket replace Rockstar Hood
  5. Lacoste Sweater replace Green Shirt
  6. Camouflage pants replace Woodland Camo
  7. Camouflage pants replace Urban Camo
  8. The merry Olympic Teddy bear jacket replace Track Top 2
  9. Stylish Cardigan replace Sports Jacket
  10. Jacket By Luis Lopez. replace Black Hoody
  11. Edward's Coat replace Letterman Top
  12. Beige leather jacket replace Leisure Top
  13. Sheepskin Coat replace Jean Jacket
  14. Jacket Moderator replace R-Star Jacket
  15. Sweater with deer replace Rockstar Sweat
  16. Fur coat for CJ replace Hooded Jacket
  17. Fur coat for CJ v2 replace Combat Jacket
  18. Bolon′evaâ jacket replace Rimmers Jacket
  19. Sweatshirt "Lunsdale" replace Black Tank
  20. Sweater "Snowmen" replace Slappers Top
  21. Mask of Snowman (GTA Online) replace Trucker Hat
  22. The modern Santa's bag replace Yellow Watch Watch
  23. Christmas Cap replace Fullface Helmet
  24. Winter jacket replace White Tank
  25. Mask pingvinënka HD GTA ONLINE replace Boxing Helmet
  26. New year Hat v2.2 replace Joke Mask
Pack author: Gmn-Robots Downloads: 2833 Comments: 0
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